Ada James Akins

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Ada James Akins

Ada James Akins is the daughter of American singer and songwriter Thomas Rhett. Lauren Akins is her mom.

She has two siblings, Willa Gray Akins and Lennon Love Akins.

Ada James Akins with her two sisters
Ada James Akins with her two sisters   Source: Instagram 

About Father

Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. was born on March 30, 1990, in Valdosta, Georgia. He is the son of American country singer Rhett Akins. His mother's name is Paige Braswell

He has one younger sister and two half brothers. His parents are now divorced, and both of them are married to someone else.  

He attended Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, and studied Communication

However, he did not complete college and dropped out when he was 20 to pursue his career in music. 

The singer's professional music career began in 2011 when he signed a recording contract with Big Machine Records

After that, he started co-writing for other singers and slowly paved his way to make singles and albums of his own. 

Ada James Akins father
Ada James Akins father  Source: Instagram 

Parents Romantic Relationship

Lauren and Thomas knew each other when they were in kindergarten. They both went to Goodpasture Christian School in Madison, Tennessee

They dated briefly in 2005 when they were in the 10th grade. They decided to remain friends and separated.

 After high school graduation, they joined different colleges.

In 2011, they met again at her sister's graduation and confessed to having still feelings for her. So the lovebird again began their love affairs.

He proposed to her in her favorite restaurant, pulled out a bottle of wine, and wrote Marry Me on the label with a sharpie. 

He gave a beautiful speech saying he had loved her since he was 15 and wanted to spend his life with her. She wrote him back saying Yes on the wine label. 

He got married to his wife, Lauren Akins, in an outdoor setup. The wedding was held on October 12, 2012, in Nashville

Ada James Akins Parents
Ada James Akins Parents   Source: Instagram 

Adopted Baby Girl from Uganda 

When Lauren was in Uganda in 2016, she took a picture with the baby and fell in love with her. 

When she touched the little girl, it felt electric, and she wanted to give her a lovely home. 

She wished for the baby to be her own, and a year later, the couple adopted her. They named the baby Willa Gray Akins

She was born on November 1, 2015. She was adopted in May 2017, and at that time, Ada was 18 months old.

In August 2017, they had a baby of their own, Ada. First, the father posted a picture with his tiny baby, saying he could not believe he now has two daughters.  

Ada James Akins with sister Willa Gray Akins
Ada James Akins with sister Willa Gray Akins  Source: Instagram 

Family Moment

Ada's parents love to spend time with their children. They plan to go on vacation every year. In July 2018, the family took a trip to Chicago for Ada's first birthday. 

On father's day 2020, the wife wrote a heartfelt message to the father of three, saying that he was the best father who cooked for the family. 

He teaches his children about music and keeps them entertained and happy.  She writes that with him, life is a fantastic adventure. 

For Thoma's 31st birthday, the couple took a mountain vacation. They wrote that this was very rare because it was just the two on vacation. 

The couple recently announced their third pregnancy . In May 2021, she wrote on her Instagram saying the couple could not make this a secret any longer.

He revealed the news on stage in fort worth. The baby girl is said to arrive in November 2021.  

Family Of Ada James Akins
Family Of Ada James Akins   Source: Instagram

Thomas Rett being a stereotypical dad

Ada James Akins's father, Thomas Rett, gave an interview in The Ellen Show where he talked about his family, new album and tequila.

Thomas Rett is a country superstar. Currently, he has released a brand new album and tequila

He is a married man who has three daughters. 

His younger daughter Lennon who is one year old now has the same hairstyle as her father. 

As there was lockdown due to pandemics, he and his wife got lots of time to spend with her younger daughter during her birth. 

He is the proud father of three daughters, and they have a huge importance in his life. 

In that interview, he also opened up that his daughter enjoys his music, and he wants to see three of them performing singing together. 

He only records those songs that his daughters love and if they like the song; they ask him to repeat that song.  

As a dad, he is living fullest with his daughters carrying a camera wherever he goes to capture a lot of memory with them.

Thomas has recently released his new album named Country Side A Again. 

In 2019 he had written that song with his father and some other writer. 

Talking about his brand new tequila, he has opened a company with his cousin named Jeff Worn

They always talked about tequila as they loved tequila and one day thought of opening a company together came across their mind. 

So for that, they met lots of people and tasted varieties of tequila. In the beginning, they were unknown about how to start and what to do as they had no planning for that. 

But later, they managed to do it. They sold huge stock of tequila in January, which was a great achievement for him. 

Thomas Stopped Wearing Shirts Because Of His Daughter 

Thomas gave an interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show where he talked about quarantine and his newborn baby. 

He was giving this interview virtually, as that interview was taken during the pandemic. 

At the start of the interview, Kelly praised Thomas for the cap he was wearing and asked him about how his quarantine was going. 

Thomas said that he and his daughters were having lots of fun during quarantine time, and they kept on finding new ways to do fun stuff. 

He and his kids had been watching a lot of Disney plus shows. Kelly also revealed that her kids also watched Disney whole quarantine. 

Thomas's kid watched lots of kids' videos on YouTube on their iPad, and he didn't like that, so he took their iPad. 

Thomas then opened up about his third child, who was a newborn at that time. He posted a picture of him without a shirt, carrying his baby, and there was vomit on his skin. 

So Kelly asked him about that. Thomas replied that he stopped wearing shirts because his daughter vomits many times and he doesn't want to wash 7,8 t-shirts in a day. 

He revealed that his wife changes her clothes 17 times a day. 

Thomas also talked about the video that he posted on his social media in which he was seen swinging in the tree. 

He explained the video by saying that he and his family moved to a new place where they saw trees and knew they could swing. 

His wife wanted to swing there, but he wanted to make sure if it was safe or not, so he tried at first. He didn't know how to swing, so he fell off there. 

His wife joined the interview, and she shared her having fun during the quarantine period. She said that her best friend and aunt live near them, so they moved to their house during quarantine. 

They had helped her a lot, looking after children and household chores. Her life has been very easy because of them.

Net Worth 

She is still a child, so she has no any net worth

Her father's net worth and income sources are shown below.

Net worth$5 million
Income sourceSinging, Songwriter 

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. She was born on August 12, 2017, making her three years old.
  2. Her information is unknown.
  3. She is a Leo.

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