Lennon Love Akins

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Lennon Love Akins

Lennon Love Akins is the daughter of an American Country music singer-songwriter, Thomas Rhett Akins.

About Lennon Love Akins

Her father's name is Thomas Rhett Akins, born on March 30, 1990. He is a singer and songwriter.

Her mother's name is Lauren Akins, born on November 8, 1989, in Tennessee, United States. She is a nurse by profession. 
Lennon parent's got married on October 12, 2012.

She has two big sister's one adopted by their parents, Willa Gray Akins, and one Biological sister Ada James Akins born in 2017.

Lennon Love Akins with her two sisters
Lennon Love Akins with her two sisters  Source: Instagram

About father, Thomas Rhett

Thomas was born in the hands of mother Paige Braswell and father Rhett Akins as the first child in the family.

He is a country singer. So, he grew up knowing other famous singers of his father's times.

Thomas has one young sister and two younger half-brothers, one from his father's side and one from his mother's side.

Thomas used to play on stage with his father after learning to play drums while attending junior high school.
Back in high school, he was also part of a band. At the age of twenty, he dropped out of college to pursue a music career.

After co-writing the songs for famous figures. in 2011, Rhett signed a recording contract with Big Machine Records.

The album's sold about 1.7 million in its first year of release, remained 21 weeks in the Billboard 200.

The songs which he co-righted. Five of them were on the chart of top 10 in the Country Airplay on September 21, 2013, during the chart weeks.

In 2012, he released his debut single. In the same year, he also released his second album.
Both of his songs were in the top 30 on the Hot Country Song's chart.

After gaining much success in his two songs, he released his third single, which pecked its position as number two on Hot Country Songs and topped the Country Airplay.

His album "Tangled Up" & "Die a Happy Man" reached number one on the Country Airplay chart.

The album "Die a Happy Man" not only reached number one on the Country Airplay chart but also stayed number one on the Country Airplay charts for weeks, becoming the second song in the chart's history to do so.

On February 16, 2016, his third studio single, "T-shirt," got released. 

Lennon Love Akins with her mother
Lennon Love Akins with her mother  Source: Instagram

Happiness while talking about son's success 

Lennon's grandma Paige talked to the show "Today," where she talked about her son Thomas Rhett, a country singer, and the proud mother also talked about her son's achievement. 

Paige is the mother of three children, among which Thomas is her oldest son. Paige remembered about the past when Thomas was just a little kid, and her husband was also a country singer at that time, so they had a fun time together. 

Paige got separated from her husband when her children were teens, so she has told every single mom not to speak badly about their ex-partner as they are their father. 

Though she had ended her relationship with her ex-partner, she still respects him a lot, and her ex also does the same because if they don't do so, it will hamper the kids directly or indirectly. 

Paige feels so good to be the mom of three successful children. Since childhood, her son Thomas was into music, but she really got mad at her son when he thought about leaving his college and started songwriting. 

But later, Thomas started getting a big offer, and now he has achieved a lot of fame. She likes all of Thomas's songs, but her favorite song is Thank You Lord and Country Again

Then the interviewer asked her about her daughter in law Lauren, and Paige kindly replied that his son could not have found anyone better than Lauren, and they are a perfect match for each other. 

Paige recalled the day when she went to her son's big concert, and she was there cheering for him, and she felt very proud when she saw people getting crazy about her son. That moment was very delightful for her as a mother. 

To know more about it, do watch the full interview 

Parents Love Relationship

Thomas met his wife, Lauren, in their first grade. The couple grew up becoming close friends.

They dated each other for some time while studying in school, but it didn't work well, and they broke up.

Thomas and his wife Lauren in their wedding dress 
Thomas and his wife Lauren in their wedding dress   Source: Instagram

After ending their relationship, the couple remained good friends and started dated other people. 

Both Thomas and Lauren were committed in their relationship with different partners. But Thomas still had feelings for Lauren. 

Thomas decided to confess his feelings for Lauren to Lauren's dad, and he did it.

Lauren's dad encouraged him to confess to her and said he would tell her if Thomas would not reveal.

After confessing to Lauren, both the couple gave it a try.
The couple ended up tying their knot on October 12, 2012.

The couple has three children, and Lauren is pregnant with their fourth child. Their fourth child is also a daughter.

Family of Lennon Love Akins
Family of Lennon Love Akins  Source: Instagram

Net Worth 

She's only one year old, while her father's  net worth is structured below:

 Lennon Love Akins Thomas Rhett Akins (father)
Net worth Unknown $5 million 
Income Unknown American Country music singer-songwriter

Age, Height and, Weight 

  1. She was born on February 10, 2020.
  2. She is one year old.
  3. She is American.

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