Willa Gray Akins

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Willa Gray Akins

Willa Gray Akins is the daughter of popular American country music singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett Akins Jr.

Thomas and his wife Lauren Akins declared the adoption of Willa in 2017

Her nickname was Blessing before getting adopted.  The couple found Willa in a children's home in Uganda

Now, Willa is five years old. She had been featured in the song "Life Changes" by her father, Thomas

Family and Siblings

Willa is the elder sister of Ada James Akins and Lennon Love Akins.

During the adoption process, the couple had to face meetings, hearings and had to gather approvals.

Meanwhile, they were expected to welcome Willa's younger sister Ada.

Willa's parents had married in 2012. Her father, Thomas Rhett, is a country music singer-songwriter, and her mother, Lauren Akins, is the author. 

Lauren is also a nurse and has also worked as a humanitarian with a Christian charity.

Willa Gray Akins with father and siblings
Willa Gray Akins with father and siblings   Source: Instagram

Willa's grandparents are Thomas Rhett Akins Sr. and Paige Braswell.

Her grandfather Thomas Rhett Akins Sr. is also a country singer-songwriter. 

Willa also has her great grandparents who are Pamela Akins and Thomas Akins

Willa has her two aunts who are Kasey Lee Akins and Macy Gregory.  

Willa's Family picture
Willa's Family picture  Source: Instagram

Emotional while opening up about personal life 

Willa's father, Thomas, gave an interview on People. There he talked about his family, song and many more. Thomas is a country music star. Currently, he is married and has three children. 

He had been in a marital relationship with his wife for 9 years, and they are doing great together. His wife, Lauren, has written many books, which are very inspiring. 

Talking about his first daughter, she was from his wife's first marriage. His wife is from Uganda and was left by her husband when she was pregnant, and she wanted to build up her career in nursing. 

He opened up when he started dating her and assumed that his wife wouldn't like what he does for his living. Their marriage life was not good initially, but they somehow sorted all the problems and created such a bond where they could easily understand each other. 

The book written by his wife is all about their life, and he wants people to read that book so that they can learn not to repeat those mistakes made by them. 

His wife has been the biggest support, and her guidance has helped him many times. His three daughters, Willa Gray, Ada James and Lennon Love, are very important parts of life. Three of them are different from each other, but they all love music. 

As a father, Thomas likes to spend a lot of time with his daughters. He feels that all three children need separate time too. So he prefers spending separate time with his every daughter. 

He is about to release his new album Country Again, and it is his fifth album. As time is passed, he felt that he should write nice songs as a singer and because of that, he is so much loved by everyone.

Willa's Parents expect to have at least five babies

Willa's had already been gifted by her youngest sister Lennon Love Akins on February 10, 2020, when she turned five in November

Lennon Love Akins is named after John Lennon from The Beatles

Willa's parents loved the singer's middle name and were interested in having a musical name for their baby. 

Being born in the month of Valentine's Day, the couple was suggested to keep Love as the middle name for a baby.

Thomas and Lauren are expecting their fourth child. They announced it on mother's day at his concert in Texas

The couple is expecting a baby girl. Thomas shared that Lauren always wanted to have five babies. 

So, he revealed they would have five or more babies.

Willa and her mother
Willa and her mother  Source: Instagram

Her mother memoir: Live in Love

"Live in Love" is Lauren's first book with Mark Dagostino, an author. The book offers inspiring life stories and guidance to balance different stages of life. 

She explains her journey of being in love with her childhood best friend, marriage, and motherhood. 

She has written in detail about the adoption process of Willa and her commitment to social works she had been engaged. 

She speaks about her turning point experiences while working in Haiti and Uganda as a missionary worker. 

She shares memories of being friends with Thomas earlier and their life as an adult. 

She talks about her adjustment and ecstasy of becoming a parent for the first time. She attempts to describe the feeling of being around family and close ones. 

Lauren and her kids are often featured and have been the subject of Thomas's hit songs. 

Thomas has also won an ACM award for the song "Die a Happy Man," which was about his pure relationship with Lauren.

Those songs have made a place in people's hearts because of which people are feeling more connected and intimate with her book. 

Lauren's book of 336 pages is purely personal writing.

Willa's parents
Willa's parents' Source: Instagram

Willa's adoption story 

Willa's dad Thomas Rhett gave an interview to The Kelly Clarkson Show and his wife. 

They explained how and where they met their daughter Will and why they adopted them in that interview. 

The interviewer Kelly Clarkson asked them why did they adopt at very first. 

For that question, Thomas's wife replied, saying that it was not planned and they had never talked about adopting a child. 

She thought adoption was very cool as her mom was also adopted. But she never thought she will, and everything happened all of a sudden. 

In 2016 she was in Uganda. There she found Willa. She had a picture of her and that baby and talked to her husband at night about people who think about adopting children. 

She told her husband that the little girl needed a home to stay. When she touched that little girl, she felt something weird and immediately felt a kind of attachment with her.

At that, she didn't think that it was her or not. She just held her and felt that the little girl needed a home, and she was the only person who could get her home. 

Thomas's wife, Lauren Akins, talked to Kelly very emotionally and made her cry. Kelly then asked the couple about adopting Willa; for that, Thomas replied that he had just arrived at his home from his work when his wife called her and told about the girl talking, and he said to his wife to bring that little Willa in their home. 

He never thought of saying that, but it somehow came out of his mouth at that time. After that, they conversate with adoption agencies, and then they legally adopted their eldest daughter Willa.

Net Worth and Earnings

She is still a child. But her father is a singer and songwriter. 

His estimated net worth is $5 Million, and her source of income is his songs.

Net Worth    $5 Million
Income SourceAmerican singer-songwriter

Age, Weight, and Height

  1. She was born on 1 November 2015. Her current age is five years.
  2. Her weight and height were not available on the internet.
  3. She is from Uganda and follows Christianity.

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