Who Is Aleeah Grace Simms? Daughter Of Leah Messer

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Who Is Aleeah Grace Simms? Daughter Of Leah Messer

Aleeah Grace Simms is the daughter of American TV personality Leah Messer

Her father's name is Corey Simms. She has three siblings, a twin sister and two half-sisters. 

She is an American citizen.

Aleeah Grace Simms with her mom Leah Messer
Aleeah Grace Simms with her mom Leah Messer Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life 

Leah had been married twice in her past. 

First, she was married to Corey Simms in 2010. They had twin daughters Aleeah and Aliannah Hope Simms together. 

But their relationship was over with a divorce in 2011

Leah hence again got married to Jeremy Calvert. Their relationship lasted 3 years from 2012. They also share a daughter together named Adalynn.

Aleeah Grace Simms's father Corey Simms and his wife
Aleeah Grace Simms's father Corey Simms, and his wife Source: Twitter

Mother Doesn't Want To Get Married

In one of the interviews, Leah said that she will never marry again in her life. 

She revealed that she is done with all the marriage stuff and she will never go on that way of life again. 

She, of course, will be in a relationships, but she did express that if she finds someone, she is going to date the guy. 

But marriage is something she is not going to do. She will date and grow old with someone that she is searching for.

Aleeah Grace Simms with her two sisters
Aleeah Grace Simms with her two sisters Source: Instagram


Aleeah's birthday is on 16 December. She is 12 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Leah is $50k. Her source of income is being a tv personality

Leah’s Father Was Arrested

Leah’s father, Gary, got arrested in 2018 due to a car accident. 

He was driving his truck when he hit a car and ran away. 

He also crossed the school zone and was shifting dangerous lanes for the cars around. 

When the victim's car followed him, he didn’t stop for a while, but later, he stopped. 

The authority arrived at the scene, and he was fined $3502 for his unsafe driving and $1502 for hit and run. 

Moreover, he was sent to jail. He stayed in jail for a total of 3 days. He was then bailed.

Leah Wants Her Daughters To Be Aware Of Everything

Leah had three daughters, and 2 of them are already in their teenage. 

So she wants to make sure that they will not have any problems in the coming days. 

Hence she talks about the menstrual cycle and what happens during that time with her teen daughters. 

She also expressed to her daughters that they can always count on her and speak about anything with her. 

In addition, she also told her daughters to check their breasts after mensuration as lumps can form on the breast. 

She thinks they need to be ready for whatever comes in the future for them.

Leah Cheated On Her Husband

Leah was young when she became the mother of two. 

Leah and Corey had just dated for a month when Leah got pregnant. 

They had twins, and they got married after their daughters were born. 

But things didn’t turn out as expected as Corey was not being helpful to her and the babies. 

Leah was feeling meshed up, and she cheated on Corey with her ex-boyfriend Robbie

Corey later found out about that thing, and they broke up. 

Leah regretted her cheating on Corey and admitted it was wrong, but it was too late.

Leah Went To Rehab

Leah revealed in an interview that she went to rehab not because of her drug addiction but because she felt something was wrong with her. 

She had anxiety and depression at that time. 

She was responsible for three children, among which one had developmental issues. 

She had problems that she had not revealed in detail. 

But she expressed that something was going wrong with her, and hence she decided to go to rehab to let go of all her pain.

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