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Alexander Dobrev is the older brother of actress and model Nina Dobrev. He was born to Michaela Constantine and Kamen Dobrev.

Why Did He Call Nina Dobrev Guinea Pig?

Siblings' relationships are the best. It is full of humor, love, and a few fights. 

He has a very special bond with Nina. He has described his relationship in his Instagram handle. 

He adds a younger sister is someone who he can use as a guinea pig while trying sledges and experimental go-carts

He goes emotional with his posts and says Nina can confront anything and send messages to mom via. 

He adds that a younger sister will always trust you and come to you asking to defend her in any situation. 

The post is a lovely example of a brother-sister relationship. 

He finishes the caption with a lovely line. He says his sister always thinks her brother has the answer to everything and can solve any difficult situation. 

Caption Source: Instagram

Numbness after a monkey bite 

Alexander Dobrev’s sister Nina Dobrev gave an interview to the talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” 

In this interview, she talked about how she got bitten by a monkey and her new movie. 

The interview started as the host asked her about Australia Trip

Nina recalled her good time when she went to Bali for a summer trip.

Then suddenly the host of the show took out some hilarious photo of Nina with a monkey and another picture was her with a band-aid in her hand. 

Nina then opened up about her getting bitten by a monkey. She was playing with the little monkey, but suddenly the monkey bites her.

She also showed a picture in which the monkey was staring at her hand, and she got attacked exactly at the same point where the monkey was furiously starring. 

Nina showed the scar present on her wrist. Because of that monkey bite, Nina now cannot feel her thumb as that monkey had bitten her to the nerve responsible for thumb movement. 

Many people also mocked her, saying that she would change into a monkey and she would get monkey strength and many more, which she felt mean of them. 

The host also checked as she was speaking the truth or not for that he touched her thumb, and she didn’t feel that. Nina then talked about her up the movie “Let’s Be Cops.” 

That movie of Nina is a whole comedy movie. 

She enjoyed doing that movie as her co-stars were too funny and made her laugh a lot.  

She never enjoyed and laughed that much in her whole life. That whole movie is about two people who are not exactly the cops but pretend to be the cops

Beautiful Family

There are four members in his family. He was born as the first child of Kaman Dobrev and Michaela Dobreva

His father is a computer specialist, and his mother is an artist.

He is the eldest child and has the youngest sister Nina Dobrev.

Alexander Dobrev with his sister Nina Dobrev
Alexander Dobrev with his sister Nina Dobrev  Source: Instagram 

Sister Nina Dobrev 

Nina is the only sibling of Alexander. She was born on January 9, 1989, in Sofia, Bulgaria

Her birth name is Nikolina Kamenova Dobreva. She moved to Canada with her family when she was two. She was raised in Toronto

In her school days, she started jazz classes and ballet classes. But she was interested in acting more. 

She also took acting classes in her home town Toronto

Alexander Dobrev sister Nina Dobrev
Alexander Dobrev sister Nina Dobrev  Source: Instagram 

Nina started her acting career by appearing in the teen drama television series.

After debuting as an actress from a major acting role, she started appearing in films and music videos.

Then in 2009, she played the leading role in the supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries.

Her career reached the top after playing that role. The series was itself a big hit at the time.

Alexander Dobrev family
Alexander Dobrev family  Source: Instagram 

The role created a huge fan base and got her nominated for various awards. 

The Vampire Diaries changed Nina to the next level. But she left the show at the end of season six.

Then she started playing roles in different kinds of movies. 

But she didn't have much attention and success from her previous work, which she got from The Vampire Diaries.

According to some sources, it is also said that the role she has chosen has also affected her acting career. 

But Nina is starting in a new movie with a new her that might change her track again. 

Dated co-worker Ian Somerhalder 

The great chemistry between Ian and Nina was shown in The Vampire Diaries. But Chemistry was not only in Screens but also in real life.

The couple started dating in 2011. At the time, Nina was twenty-four, and Ian was thirty-four

The couple had ten years of age difference. Age didn't matter to the couple, but the maturity between them surely did matter.

After dating for almost three years, unfortunately, the couple broke up. They might not be lovers but are good friends to the date.

Sister's Love Life

Nina was spotted with Shaun White in March 2020.

As Nina is a private person, she didn't share photos with Shaun White until they started dating.

Being spotted together for almost two months. The couple finally shared the news that they were officially dating. 

They are still together and enjoying each other company very much. 

The beautiful couple shares several photos of them on their respective Instagram.

Nina with his boyfriend, Shaun White
Nina with his boyfriend, Shaun White  Source: Instagram 

The couple's also started sharing photos of being together. The couple also celebrated Nina's birthday together.

The couple is currently living together and seems pretty serious in their relationship.

Net Worth and Earnings

His net worth is around 1 million dollars according to public sources. 

As per his famous sister Nina, net worth is structured below:

 Alexander DobrevNina Dobrev (Sister )
Net worth $1 million $11 million
IncomeUnknown Actress, model 

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. He is 36 years old. He celebrates his birthday on March 13.
  2. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall.
  3. He is 66 kilograms.
  4. His body measurements are 40-33-37.

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