Michaela Constantine

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Michaela Constantine

Michaela Constantine is the mother of Bulgarian Canadian actress Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva who is widely known as Nina Dobrev.

Married To A Computer Specialist

Michaela was married to a man named Kamen Dobrev. Kamen is a computer specialist. They are blessed with two children, one son, and one daughter. 

Their son’s name is Alexander Dobrev, and their daughter’s name is Nina Dobrev

Michaela Constantine with her husband Kamen Dobrev and children Alexander Dobrev and Nina Dobrev
Michaela Constantine with her husband Kamen Dobrev and children Alexander Dobrev and Nina Dobrev  Source: Instagram

Among them, Alex is the oldest sibling, and Nina is the youngest one in the family. 

She is one of the popular actresses in Hollywood, mostly known for her role as Elena Gilbert in the worldwide renowned series The Vampire Diaries


 Michaela Constantine with her husband Kamen Dobrev and children Alexander Dobrev and Nina Dobrev
 Michaela Constantine with her husband Kamen Dobrev and children Alexander Dobrev and Nina Dobrev  Source: Instagram

She used to live in Sofia, Bulgaria, with her husband and two children. 

Later they migrated to Canada. She raised her two children in Toronto, Canada. Her family has been living there since then.

Coruscating Career of Daughter

Michaela’s daughter Nina started her career as a model. She used to appear in commercials and film auditions.  

She got her lead role in the series Degrassi: The next generation. She played the character, Mia Jones. This series lasted for eight seasons. 

She has done several other movies and series such as Away from Her, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, You Got That Light, The Final Girls, Then Came You, and many more.

But she rose to prominence for her performance as Elena Gilbert in the series the Vampire Dairies

This series was an adapted version of the book series. This series was first aired on September 10, 2009, and ended on March 17, 2017. She is known globally for this role. 

She has been awarded and nominated with lots of prestigious awards and positions. 

She has won the Teen Choice Awards in the category of choice TV actress- fantasy/sci-fi

She won this award consecutively for six whole years, from 2010 to 2015

A Philanthropist Daughter

Her daughter is into social works. She contributes few amounts of her earnings to underprivileged groups. 

She is an enthusiastic volunteer. She has used her voice to support various charities like Puma’s 2011 Project Pink. This project supports breast cancer. 

She has also given voice and donated few amounts to a charity called Hunger Bites

This project supports and is dedicated to reducing hunger in over 27 districts across Pennsylvania. She has also taken part in the movement called Me To We

She volunteered in Kenya, where she helped build schools at that place.  Likewise, she has appeared on other various charities and donations programs to support people who belong to a disadvantaged group. 

Michaela Constantine daughter Nina Dobrev
Michaela Constantine daughter Nina Dobrev  Source: Instagram

Famous Relationship of daughter

Nina and Ian Somerhalder were in a serious relationship since 2013. Their relationship was highlighter all over the media.

Ian is also an actor, and he was the love interest of Nina in the series Vampire Diaries

Nina said that Ian had all the qualities that she wanted to have in a man. Tragically, they called it off after three years of dating. They broke up in 2016. They decided to be friends since then. 

Nina Going Chine For Olympics To Support Boyfriend Shaun White

Nina gave an interview to the "extratv" where she talked her birthday, her lover and her movie. 

Nina had her birthday party a few days before she gave the interview, and she talked about how she celebrated her birthday. 

She had a very small party and had invited her close friends and family to that party. As the world was still going through COVID, she made sure that everyone was safe. 

She tested everyone coming to her party and ensured everyone was vaccinated. Nina had a great birthday party and a cake dinner, which went very well. 

Nina is currently dating her boyfriend, Shaun White, and as their relationship is growing and increasing daily, the interviewer asked about their engagement rumor. 

Nina didn’t answer that question and talked about going to China for the Olympics. 

Her boyfriend is an athlete, and he was participating in Olympics, so she would probably go to China if her visa gets approved. 

Nina talked about her movie Redeeming Love. She opened up about why she agreed to do that movie. 

Nina was really impressed by the script and wanted to be in that movie anyhow. That movie was about the story of love, and she had a small role in the movie. 

She also spilled about her character, saying that her character would die in the movie. She loved the movie's message and was grateful to be part of that movie. 

That movie was shot just before the pandemic, so she will watch it with fun memories as it was the final trip and freedom she experienced before the pandemic.

Net Worth

The net worth of Michaela has not been disclosed because she is a normal citizen. 

But she is a professional artist. So the average earnings of a professional artist in Canada is forty-nine thousand five hundred dollars. 

The net worth of her daughter is structured below:

Net WorthSources
11 million dollarModel, actor, businesswoman

Nina Went Naked In Oceans

Nina gave an interview in the Teen Vogue where she talked about all the things that she had done for the very first time in her life. 

She started the interview by talking about her first Halloween memory and said that she didn’t remember much about that day, but she had seen a photo of her wearing a suit, and she was half dog and half something else. 

She was on her dad’s shoulder and had a pigtail with her whole face painted. 

She then talked about the first job that she did, and it was folding the newspaper. She was small at that time, and while doing that job, she felt like she was going through child labor. 

Her brother worked in the newspaper industry, and he used to make Nina fold the newspaper so that he could deliver it in the morning. Her brother didn’t even pay her a single penny for that job. 

Nina revealed skipping school to watch a movie and learn Elvis with her friends. She said that she got suspended from her school as she defended one of her friends in school. 

A girl was being mean to that person, so she just yelled at her, and her yelling led to her getting suspended from school. 

Nina then opened up about going on the ocean for the first time and the first time that she ever stepped on the ocean was in Bulgaria

She saw photos of her in the ocean, and in all those photos, she was naked. She just hated wearing bathing suits, so she went naked in oceans every time. 

Nina talked about her first kiss, and she had it in by the locker where a guy came and tried to kiss her on the cheek, but she turned right, which accidentally led them to kiss on the lips. 

It was not a romantic kiss for her, but she felt that it was cute. 

Nina talked about her first-ever boyfriend that she had when she was in high school. 

She didn’t open up about his name but mentioned that they had dated for months, and he was the person who made her heartbreak for the first time. 

They then stayed as friends, and they also went to prom together.

Age, height, weight

  1. The age, height, and weight of Michaela Constantine have not been revealed.
  2. She is of Bulgarian nationality.
  3. She is an artist and loves painting and sketching abstract arts.
  4. Her ethnicity is white.

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