Kamen Dobrev

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Kamen Dobrev

Kamen Dobrev's birth name is Konstantin Dobrev is, a computer specialist and is better known as the father of Nina Dobrev, an actress and model. 

Kamen was married to Michaela Constantine, an artist. He has two children, one daughter, Nina, and a son Alexander Dobrev

He is Canadian-Bulgarian by his nationality.  

Kamen Dobrev wife and daughter
Kamen Dobrev's wife and daughter  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Nina Dobrev

Nina was in a relationship with Ben Hollingsworth, who is an actor. They both started dating in 2006

Their relationship lasted for three years, and after that, they broke up. Nina also dated Ian Somerhalder

They both did a series named The Vampire Diaries, and at that time, they fell in love and started dating each other. 

They dated for a couple of years and parted away in 2013.

Nina then dated Austin Stowell in 2015. They both were caught together many times at many places. 

Their relationship was too short as the couple ended their relationship after dating for seven months

After splitting with Austin, she got into a relationship with Grant Mellon and broke up that same year. 

As of today, Nina is dating Shaun White. They started dating a year before, that is, in 2020

They both are happy together.

Nina with her Parents
Nina with her Parents  Source: Instagram 

About Nina Dobrev 

Nina's full name is Nikolina Kamenova Dobreva is. Dobrev's a Canadian actress born on 9 January 1989

Her parents raised her with her elder brother. At the age of 2, her parents came to Canada ad settled there. 

She started her acting career at a young age. Her first role play was Mia in Degrassi's series: The Next Generation

Nina is well known for her character play in The Vampire Diaries. She has already appeared in several films and series so far.

Kamen Dobrev with his daughter Nina
Kamen Dobrev with his daughter Nina   Source: Instagram 

Nina Is Too Picky About Her Roles

Nina is well known for her role play in The Vampire Diaries. She quitted that show after playing six seasons. 

She wanted to start an afresh journey, so she gave up on The Vampire Diaries. She had already earned too much fame, so she knew she wanted to do some big roles as a fresh start. 

She played the role of teen actors, but now she doesn't want to do those anymore. She opened up that she now wanted to play the roles of adults. 

She even said she wanted to work with some big and talented creators and do some challenging, exciting movies with tremendous stories. That type of criteria for a film made her picky.

Does Nina Hate Paul Wesley?

Nina and Paul Wesley have done a series together. They both co-starred each other in The Vampire Diaries. 

Their on-screen connection looked very awesome, and their acting and chemistry even made their fans think about them having an affair in real life too. 

But in an interview, Nina opened up that they didn't have a good connection with each other when they were doing that series. 

She used to appreciate Paul's acting and respected him, but she didn't like Paul

Their on-screen chemistry was good that no one had imagined Nina disliked Paul

But later, as time passed, things started getting good between them, and they became very good friends.  

Nina never thought that she and Paul would be so close to each other, and now they are good friends.

Nina Dobrev Is An Accident-Prone  

Nina Dobrev and her co-actress Julianne Hough gave an interview on The Ellen Show in  2022.

There they talked about their birthday party, accident and movies. Julianna revealed that Nina is someone that always gets into accidents. 

She referred to her as accident-prone. Moreover, Julianna revealed that she had to take Nina into urgent care for more than a hand full of numbers. 

Julianna expressed that Nina was someone who could be fine in one second, and in another second, she got into trouble or an accident. 

Saying that, it came out that Nina was an adventurous kind of person. 

She likes to try out new things and take risks in her life. She is not someone who stays ideal in her free time. 

She always spends her free time on adventurous experiences.

Her movie's director also revealed that she went to the mountains when a break between shooting and dislocated her shoulder. 

The director thought Nina would not get back to shooting quite soon, but surprisingly, she was right on time, all fine. 

Then Nina expressed that she dislocated her shoulder  many times. 

She revealed that she frequently experiences shoulder dislocation regardless of what she is doing and where she is. 

In the same interview, Nina and Julianne also talked about their wine brand, which doesn't compromise quality and taste. 

They also called themselves wine lovers as they have tasted many kinds of wine worldwide.

Being one of 6 percent of the female CEOs in New York stock exchange companies, Nina expressed that she was proud to be one. She and Julianne ran the Fresh Vines company together in the dominating male market. 

They brought their wine to the show and offered the host and audiences of the show.


Kamen exact age is unknown. His daughter's current age is 32 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Nina is $11 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

The yearly income of Canadian actresses is $27,300 per year.

Kamen Dobrev's Daughter Is A Kind-Hearted Person

Kamen's daughter Nina is one of the known actresses in Hollywood. She has won millions of hearts with her acting skills.

Besides being an actress, she is also a very helpful and kind person. When Nina went on a trip with the co-stars of her new show, The Degrassi: Next Generation, she helped a non-profit organization in Kenya, including her cast members. 

The organization worked for the children who were in need. Nina and her team showed full support and helped them build a school for those children, which showed how kind-hearted she is.

Kamen Dobrev with his wife and children
Kamen Dobrev with his wife and children   Source: Instagram 

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