Who Is Angela Tian? Mother Of Lil Tay

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Who Is Angela Tian? Mother Of Lil Tay

Angela Tian is the mother of American rapper and social media influencer Lil Tay. Angela was married to Christopher John Hope, but later they got divorced. 

She is currently dating Chuck Wigg. She shares two children, a son, Jason Tian, and a daughter, Lil Tay, with Christopher

She was a real estate agent. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Angela Tain's ex-husband and their daughter.
Angela Tain's ex-husband and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Angela’s Estranged Relationship With Christopher 

Angela and Christopher were married for years, and they shared two children. 

Their marriage life didn’t work, so they parted ways. Angela took the responsibility of both the children and raised them as a single mom. 

Her ex-husband was an absent father, but suddenly, in 2023, Christopher filed for their daughter Tay’s custody. 

He demanded Tay’s responsibility along with her money. Angela fought back, claiming that Christopher was abusive to their daughter. 

His oldest son Jason also accused Christopher of being abusive and asked for help for the custody battle of Tay through GoFundMe

Angela Got Kicked Out Of Her Job

Angela is known to be the mother of Tay

Her daughter gained much fame and money through social media content at a young age. 

With her, Angela and her son Jason also became famous. She used to work as a real estate agent, and as a mother, she supported her daughter fully. 

However, she got kicked out of her job because she used other houses to make her daughter’s video. 

Her daughter is known as the youngest flexer as she showed money, huge houses, and luxury life on video. 

It was later known that Angela was the one who let Tay use others' houses to show off on the internet. 

Angela Tain's son Jason Tian.
Angela Tain's son Jason Tian. Source: YouTube

About Angela’s Daughter Tay

Tay is a rapper and a social media influencer. 

She is well known for her social media content and rose to prominence when she was young. 

Her parents raised her with her older brother, Jason. Her real name is Clarie Tay

Angela Tain's daughter.
Angela Tain's daughter. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Tay is 14 years old. She has a net worth of $500,000 Million. Her source of income is rapping and content creation.

Angela Doesn’t Care About Haters

Angela and her family are well known because of her daughter, Tay

Tay started making videos on social media when she was nine years old. 

She is known as the youngest flexer, and her video has made her famous quickly. 

She always makes videos showing money and the luxury life. However, with popularity, Tay also got a lot of criticism. 

She looked spoiled and mannerless, and her behavior in her videos proved how reckless and wrong she was. 

On the other hand, Angela clearly said she doesn’t care what other people think of her daughter. 

She also confirmed that her daughter is good and well-mannered and claimed that Tay is following her dreams.

Tay’s Death Was Fake

On August 5, 2023, news of Tay's death shocked everyone. 

In her social media it was written about Tay's and her brother passing away. 

The news was disturbing and traumatizing, and people wanted to know what exactly happened to her, but shockingly, a day after her death news, she publicly came out and said that she and her brother were both safe and alive. 

She also shared through her social media that her account was hacked and has been deeply affected by her death rumor. 

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