Who Is Jason Tian? Brother Of Lil Tay

by Mela Sun Aug 13 2023 Updated On Fri Sep 01 2023
Who Is Jason Tian? Brother Of Lil Tay

Jason Tian is a rapper and the brother of Lil Tay, a rapper, and influencer on social media. 

His parents are Angela Tian and Christopher Hope.

Jason Tian's sister and father.
Jason Tian's sister and father. Source: Pinterest

Rumors About Jason And Lil Death 

Jason and his young sister Lil are both social media personalities. 

There were rumors about them passing away. Jason is an aspiring rapper, Rycie, and he has played a significant role in helping Lil create her online personality. 

Their unexpected death was announced on Instagram without revealing the cause and even asked for privacy during this challenging time as the circumstances are still being investigated.  

In 2019 Jason was recognized as the driving force behind Tay’s rise to fame. 

He had previously attempted his online presence as a rapper named Rycie, but his efforts didn’t gain much attention. 

It was Jason's idea to put Tay in the spotlight, which ultimately led to her becoming a social media sensation. 

Jason Tian's mother Angela Tian.
Jason Tian's mother, Angela Tian. Source: The Cut


Jason is 21 years old.

Net Worth

His sister Tay's net worth is about $ 500k.

Jason And Tay Are Alive

The rumors about Tay and her brother Jason passing away were fake. They are still alive. 

Her Instagram account was hacked, and someone posted a fake message saying she and her brother had died. 

She is okay and feels safe but is very sad and upset about the confusion. 

She wants to let everybody know that she is alive and her brother is too. 

Her real name is Tay Tian, not Claire Hope. She is thankful to Meta for helping her get her Instagram account back, and they removed the fake message about her death. 

It is still unclear why it took her a day to say she was okay even though she knew her account was hacked and people said she had died. 

Before this happened, Tay became famous for showing off on social media, but she had not posted anything since 2018.

Tay was stuck in a problem between her parents, Angela Tian and Christopher Hope

They were fighting in court about who should take care of her. This has been happening since 2018, which is also when she stopped posting online.

Tay Is The Biggest Flexer On Social Media

Tay is mainly known as the biggest flexer. She claimed her toilet was more expensive than most people’s rent, and everything around her was expensive. 

She showed off big houses, fancy designer clothes like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and always had money in her hands. 

She said she is only nine years old but still a big show-off.

Last April, Tay came to Los Angeles like a real-life version of her Instagram post. 

She met up with other meme stars Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabie, who were supposed to settle their online fight in person. 

This was planned. TMZ, a news outlet, was there to record the meeting. 

They challenged each other to fight. Lil Tay was also there, looking small and rugged. 

Even though three girls were in the situation, Tay got the most attention. 

Her Instagram followers also gained in massive amounts. And by the end of 2018, many people were searching on Google to find out who Tay was.

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