Valerie Cearley- Tragedy Of Jeremy Renner Mother

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Valerie Cearley- Tragedy Of Jeremy Renner Mother

Valerie Cearley is the mother of American actor, musician, producer, businessman, and songwriter Jeremy Renner. She is married to Lee Renner.

Her husband used to manage McHenry Bowl in the 1980s. The two shares seven kids' altogether.

They separated in 1981 after being married for several years.

Valerie Cearley's son, Jeremy Renner, and ex-husband, Lee Renner.
Valerie Cearley's son, Jeremy Renner, and ex-husband, Lee Renner. Source: Instagram

Is Jeremy Dating Anyone?

Jeremy is not dating anyone at the moment. He is single. He was married to Sonni Pacheo in 2014, but their marriage lasted only a year. 

He shares a daughter, Ava Berlin Renner, with his ex-wife.

Jeremy Has Always Been Mamma's Boy

Though Jeremy plays Superhero onscreen, the actual Superhero in his life is his mother. 

He has frequently spoken about how his mother sacrificed many things for their family. 

He added that his mom is the pillar of the family, and he wanted to give her every happiness she deserved. 

Jeremy even built a condo for his mother so that she could live closer to her kids and grandchildren. 

He joked that he got the tough look from his mother and made a career out of that look. 

In 2010 he brought his mother as his date to the Oscars. Jeremy was nominated for the Oscars, so it was a big moment for him.

 He wanted to have his mother by her side on that big day. 

Valerie Cearley with her son, Jeremy Renner.
Valerie Cearley with her son, Jeremy Renner. Source: Instagram

Jeremy Was Critically Injured In A Snowplow Accident

Jeremy got into an accident while plowing snow in Nevada. As per the local authorities, he was helping a motorist who was forsaken outside his home when he was home.

Due to heavy snowfall in that area, the respondent doubted if the road to his home was passable. 

Jeremy has to undergo two surgeries after a snowplow accident. He was in critical condition as he suffered blunt chest trauma and other injuries. 

The snowplow accidentally rolled over his leg. 


Her son Jeremy is 51 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. 

Net Worth

Her son Jeremy's net worth is estimated to be $80 million.

Valerie Cearley with her two children.
Valerie Cearley with her two children. Source: Instagram

Jeremy Is Getting Spa Treatment At ICU

Jeremy has been recovering from his snowplow accident. After that horrific incident, Jeremy posted his first video, where he was seen getting his hair washed by his mother. 

His mother and sister were by his side. In his Instagram post, he thanked his mother and sister for their love and care. 

He wore an oxygen mask, and his face was swollen and bruised. He joked that it was his first shower in a week. He has a spa moment at ICU to lift his spirit.

Jeremy Wore Hawkeye Costume At His Daughter's School

Jeremy has a 9-year-old daughter named Ava Berlin Renner. In the Marvel movie Avengers, he plays the role of Hawkeye, who is an archer. 

In an interview, he shared that he had to drop his daughter at school and walk her to her class too. 

The school asked him to come as valet, so he came up with the idea of wearing a Hawkeye costume and walked with his daughter to her class in that costume. 

Jeremy Wore Paul Rudd On His Body

On a late-night talk show, Jeremy came on the show wearing a t-shirt that had Paul Rudd's face on it. 

He said they were in the movie together last time, so they decided to make a t-shirt. 

Both of them are in Avengers, and Paul is his good friend. He said he is not his best Avenger friend. He even posted a photo of him and Paul posing like a couple. 

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