Who Is George Badawi? Husband Of Nour Ardia

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Who Is George Badawi? Husband Of Nour Ardia

George Badawi is the husband of an American model, blogger, and social media influencer Nour Arida.

George has a beautiful daughter named Ayla with his wife, Nour. George's exact profession is not known. 

He follows Arabic culture. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

George Badawi with his wife Nour Arida
George Badawi with his wife Nour Arida  Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Nour is currently married to her husband George. The couple happily tied the knot back in 2015

They had their wedding ceremony in Paris at Salon de L 'Opera

Talking about their children, the couple has a six-year-old daughter named Ayla.

George Badawi with his wife Nour Arida and daughter Ayla
George Badawi with his wife Nour Arida and daughter Ayla Source: Instagram

Expensive Wedding

Nour and George had a grand marriage ceremony. 

The gown that Nour wore on her special day was worth $75,000. The total expense of their lavish wedding was one million dollars.

George Badawi with his daughter Ayle
George Badawi with his daughter Ayle  Source: Instagram


She is 32 years old. Her height is 1.75m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Nour is still under review. Her source of income is model, blogger and social media.

Proud Of Being Part Of Global Campaign

Recently Nour posted a video of her in her Instagram account where she was advertising a makeup brand. 

In that video, she wrote that she was obliged to be part of that makeup brand. 

That was a worldwide campaign, and she was happy that she got the opportunity to be part of that. 

Make Up For Ever is the fresh brand which is currently launched. 

Seeing her video seemed like the Make Up For Ever had launched a new foundation. 

Nour had participated in 3 worldwide campaigns before this, and it was her fourth time, so she was happy and wired about that.

George Badawi's Wife Nour Arida
George Badawi's Wife Nour Arida Source: Instgaram

Nour Faced A Horrible Moment

Nour is a well-known name in the modeling industry. She is very open about her professional life as well as personal life. 

Nour belongs to the Arabic culture. Her hometown is in Beirut. 

Some time back, Nour revealed that she left her hometown after an incident took place over there. 

Her hometown is in Beirut. She was pleased in her hometown, but her happiness changed into a terrible sadness as there was an explosion over there that took many people's lives. 

She had to come to Paris after that incident took place. 

She was saddened by what happened to Beirut and what people had to go through. 

She has a lot of good memories of her hometown, but that incident was added to her memories as a bad memory.

Gave Access To Her Account

In 2021, Nour posted on her social media a notice where she has announced that she would give her account to a lawyer and activist named Diane Assaf for a positive thing. 

She gave her platform to her so that she could help people change. 

The activist and lawyer Diane took hold of her account for three days in which there will be three interviews with three key figures. 

She was kind-hearted that she thought of helping people through her platform.

George Can Eat Both Wife Nour And His Daughter

George, Nour and their daughter did a fun QnA, which Ayla's grandmother recited. 

When asked about who was at the bathroom most, Ayla said it was George as he sings and even dances in the bathroom. 

Moreover, she also revealed that her father is such a foodie that he eats every time. 

She expressed that he might also eat her and Nour in the future. 

But she also said that her mother is better at dressing than her dad. 

Well, Ayla doesn't want her parents to have more kids. 

She expressed that she doesn't want any kid except her and as her father wants more kids with her mother, she said openly that she would not let them have another kid at any cost. 

The whole QnA was held very fun as Ayla was dipping her parent's faces in flour in each question's answer.

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