Who Is Barbara Hepler? Mother Of Rob Lowe

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Who Is Barbara Hepler? Mother Of Rob Lowe

Barbara Hepler is the late mother of an American actor, filmmaker, and podcast host Rob Lowe

She was married to Charles D. Lowe and shared three children with him. She was born in the year 1939 and died in 2003

Barbara was an American citizen by her nationality.

Barbara Hepler's husband and their son.
Barbara Hepler's husband and their son. Source: Instagram

About Barbara's Son Rob 

Rob is an actor, filmmaker, and podcast host. He is well known for his role as Sam Seaborn in The West Wing drama. 

He was born in the year 1964 in Virginia. He grew up with his three siblings. He has his birthday on March 17

Married Life Rob 

Rob is currently married to his wife, Sheryl Borkoff, which makes him the husband of Sheryl

His wife is a make-up artist. They have been married since 1991 and share two sons, Mathew and John Owen

Rob with his beautiful wife.
Rob with his beautiful wife. Source: Instagram

How Did Rob Meet His Wife? 

Rob met his wife in 1983 on a blind date, but nothing happened between them at that time. 

But they again collided on the set of the movie Bad Influence. Rob’s wife is three years older than him. Nevertheless, they are enjoying their married life.

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Rob is 59 years old. He has a net worth of $100 Million

Barbara Hepler with her children.
Barbara Hepler with her children. Source: Instagram

Rob’s Son Is Savage With Rob

Rob’s son is the writer and director of the series 911, where Rob is starring himself. 

He is surprised that the son whose diaper he used to change is now telling him what to do and what not to do. 

He said that his son calls him Rob while shooting, and this scenario makes him proud. 

He was also really excited and laughing at the same time because of the savage comments that his son wrote in his post.

Not just in one or two posts, but in every position, his son writes the savage post that gathers all the attention.

Rob also revealed that his children don’t tell him to stay away from TikTok but instead say that the Tik Tok platform is for children up to 12.

Rob Didn’t Have Any Negative Encounter

Entertainment Tonight interviewed Rob when he was just 19 years old.

It was the time when he was beginning to gain great fame at such a young age. 

He was asked what he should be avoiding so that he could stay away from the problems that his fame would get him into. 

He said he knows he must avoid any girl school. 

He also revealed that he had not been into any adverse scenario except for one repeated method. 

He said that his numbers get leaked every time, and he got many calls for the same reason. 

He revealed that he had to repeatedly change the number as he was getting many calls continuously.

Rob Did The impersonation Brilliantly.

Rob was invited to “The Ellen Show,” where it was found out that Rob was good at impersonating the other actors. 

This is why the show host, Ellen, played a game with Rob where he and Ellen had to impersonate the people in the photo. 

Rob impersonated the famous personality first and did his part well. 

He was changing his voice and taking action so that Ellen could understand. But, on the other hand, Ellen was also doing her part well. 

She was also speaking like the actors in the photo and making her voice sound like them. The crowd enjoyed their game.

Rob Is Not Let To Sleep By His Wife 

Rob is mostly traveling around the world for his work. However, he revealed that he must stay away from his family to earn a living. 

He also revealed that sleep is essential for him. He expressed that he sleeps really well when he is on the road. 

He then said that when he is at home, he cannot sleep calmly because of his wife. 

He didn’t hesitate to talk about the truth that the presence of his wife disturbed his sleep. 

He said his wife played the “Family Feud” game overnight and didn’t let him sleep. 

She plays the game from 5 to 6 pm and even wakes him up in the middle of the night to describe to him what happened in the game. 

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