Sheryl Berkoff

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Sheryl Berkoff

Sheryl Berkoff is the wife of American actor, director, and producer Rob Lowe. Rob was born to Charles D. Lowe and Barbara Hepler.

Sheryl's Childhood

Sheryl Lynn Berkoff came into the world on June 20, 1961. She was brought up and raised in Los Angeles, California, USA

Information about her parents and childhood life is limited. 

Sheryl's Professional Journey

Sheryl has been interested in makeup since her early days. She loved playing with colors and eye shadow palettes. 

Because of her huge interest in makeup, she entered the entertainment industry. 

She worked as a professional makeup artist in several Hollywood movies. 

Sheryl's professional life allowed her to meet lots of famous celebrities and media personalities. 

She has done makeup for the characters in high-budget movies like Frankie and Johnny

In this movie, she applied makeup to huge stars like Al Pacino, and Michelle Pfeiffer. She also worked on the film called Eve Of Destruction.

In the year 1992, Sheryl decided to quit her job as a makeup artist. 

Relationships with Hollywood Actors

While working as a makeup artist on big-budget movies, she met popular actors on the set. 

This allowed her to go out with famous actors. She was romantically associated with the greatest actor of all time Keanu Reeves

She also dated Emilio Estevez, the brother of 90s renowned actor Charlie Sheen during the early 1980s.

They went out a few times, but things did not work out for them. After this, they decided to remain friends. 

Relationship with Rob Lowe

When Sheryl broke up with her boyfriend Emilio Estevez, they decided to keep in touch and remained connected.

So, Emilio set her up with Rob Lowe for a blind date in the year 1983. Sheryl and Rob had dinner together.

After this, they saw each other a few times, stopped seeing each other, and went their separate ways.

After six years, they both coincidentally met on the set of the movie Bad Influence where both were working. 

After reuniting with each other after many years, they decided to try things out again and began their serious relationship.

Sheryl Lynn with her husband, Rob Lowe
Sheryl Lynn with her husband, Rob Lowe  Source: Instagram

Wedding of Sheryl

After having love affairs for several years, Sheryl and Rob decided to get married, and the love bird took their wedding vows in 1991

They are currently in their thirty years of marriage. There has been no rumor about their marital dispute. 

Children of Sheryl

Sheryl quit her career as a makeup artist to start a family. She said she wanted to be a mother for a long time. 

She says the family is her first priority. She mentioned that being a mother and taking care of her children will always be her first priority. 

She has two sons with Rob. They are named Mathew Edward Lowe and John Owen Lowe

Mathew is the first child of the couple who was born in the year 1993.

John is the second and last child of the couple who was born in the year 1995


Sheryl Lynn with her husband and sons
Sheryl Lynn with her husband and sons  Source: Pinterest

Net Worth

Sheryl's exact net worth is unknown. However, the average earnings of a makeup artist per year are eighty-five thousand dollars. 

The net worth of her husband is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$100 millionActor, producer, director

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Sheryl is fifty-nine years old.
  2. Her nationality is American.
  3. She comes from Dutch and German ancestry.

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