Beau Dean McDermott

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Beau Dean McDermott

Beau Dean McDermott is the son of an American actress and author, Tori Spelling.

Family of Beau Dean McDermott 

His father's name is Dean McDermott. He was born on November 16, 1966

He is a Canadian actor, televisions personality, and host of the cooking competition Chopped Canada.

His mother's Tori was born on May 16, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, United States. 

His parents got married on May 7, 2006. The couple's welcomed five children together.

Beau is the youngest among his four siblings. He has two oldest sisters named Stella Doreen McDermott and Hattie Margaret McDermott.

His two oldest brothers are Liam Aaron McDermott and Finn Davey McDermott

He also got a step-brother Jack Montgomery McDermott from his father's previous marriage.

Beau Dean with his parents and older siblings
Beau Dean with his parents and older siblings  Source: Instagram 

About Mother 

Tori is the eldest child of her family. Her father, Aaron Spelling, was an American film, television producer, and occasional actor. Aaron died in 2006.

Her mother, Carole Gene Marer, also known as Candy Spelling, is an American author, theatre producer, and Philanthropist. 

She has one younger brother, Randy Spelling, who is a former actor and a life coach.

Beau Dean McDermott with his mother Tori Spelling
Beau Dean McDermott with his mother Tori Spelling   Source: Instagram

In 1991, Tori graduated from Harvard Westlake School.

She was given an acting lesson at the age of six, by an acting coach hired by her father.

Afterward, she was given a guest place on different television series.

Her father gave her a role in a television series at the age of seventeen. She was later nominated for two Young Artist Awards. 

On July 3, 2004, Tori was married to writer and actor Charlie Shanian. The couple dated two years before marriage.

Tori met actor Dean McDermott in July 2005 while filming in Ottawa

At the time, Dean was married to actress Mary Jo Eustace. Both Tori and Dean started an affair after the night they met.

Only after one year of marriage, the couple separated. Charlie filed for divorce with tori, which was finalized in 2006.

After divorcing her first husband, Charlie, Tori married Dean McDermott on May 7, 2006, in a private ceremony in Wakaya, Fiji, less than a year after her divorce.

Tori with her husband, Dean McDermott
Tori with her husband, Dean McDermott   Source: Instagram 

The couple welcomed their first child, son Liam Aaron.
After the birth of Liam, the couple welcomed two son's Finn Davey and Beau Dean, and two daughters Stella Doreen and Hattie Margaret

Liam was the first child of Tori but was the second child of Dean as he had a son Jack Montgomery McDermott from his previous marriage.

Downhearted while talking about the relationship 

McDermott’s mom Tori gave an interview to “Today” where she talked about her relationship with her ex-husband. The host of the show started the interview by asking about her health. 

Tori was admitted to the hospital as she suffered from bronchitis. Her children also suffered from bronchitis, but as a mother, she had to look after them, and she ignored her bronchitis which later got severe, and she was taken to the hospital. 

After that, Tori talked about her relationship with her partner Dean. Tori's partner cheated on his ex-wife, Mary with Tori. They had an affair while he was still married.

But later, Tori invited Mary to her show and said sorry for what she did as she was struggling with her past stuff and did wrong to Mary. Mary accepted her sorry as Tori accepted her mistake and apologized. 

Tori and her partner had some issues, and her husband talked about everything and shared his part of the story in the interview, but it was Tori’s first interview where she was opening about her personal matters. 

People even criticized her as she and her husband discussed their personal matters on TV. She got emotional when she started talking about those things because it was the first time she opened about it, and it was tough for her. 

For her, opening in public and sharing her side of story is the only way to make herself feel good. So she came forward for that interview. 

But besides everything that happened between her and her partner, the one thing that made her happy was her husband knew his responsibilities and looked after the children when Tori was hospitalized, and she adored that.

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Lovely Sibling Squad

He is the youngest member of his family, so his siblings love him so much. All his siblings love to spend time with him.

His eldest brother was Liam Aaron, born on March 13, 2007

After that, sister Stella Doreen was born on June 9, 2008. Sister Hattie Margaret was born on October 10, 2011, and brother Finn Davey was born on August 30, 2012.

The bond between them is so strong. They play together and celebrate every festival together with their parents.

Beau Dean McDermott with his siblings
Beau Dean McDermott with his siblings  Source: Instagram

Net Worth 

He is still a child to talk about his net worth. His mother has a net worth is structured below:

 Beau Dean McDermottTori spelling (mother)
Net worth Unknown Roughly $500 thousand 
Income Unknown American actress and author

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. He was born on March 2, 2017. His current age is four.
  2. He is in a growing stage, so his height and weight are unknown.

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