Bechet Allen

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Bechet Allen

Bechet Allen is the adopted daughter of American Film Director, actor, and comedian Woody Allen. She was born in December 1998.

Daughter of Director

Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Pervin adopted Bechet Allen. She was adopted from China. 

Her father is a worldwide famous movie director, actor, and comedian. He has won three Oscars for writing and one for directing. 

Her mother, Soon-Yi, has appeared in small roles and extras on Allen shows and movies. Other than that, she is a normal homemaker. 

Schooling From Brearley

Bechet graduated from Brearley School. She is currently studying at Bard College, New York, New York.

Seeking Of Partner With Weird Qualities

Bechet’s father, Woody, gave an interview on The Dick Cavett Show. Woody talked about what kind of partner he was looking for in his life. 

Woody was single at that time and was in search of someone. As a single man, Woody can do whatever he wants to do in his life. 

He was already married twice to Louise Lasser and Harlene Rosen.

He was also ready to get married for the third time if he found someone with all the qualities he was seeking. Both his marriage failed. 

When he got married for the second time, he thought to make it work, so he avoided everything that ruined his first marriage. But sadly, his second marriage ended earlier than the first one. 

Due to that, he learned that every woman is different from one another. He also wrote a book on women and marital life. 

He has no problem getting married again, but he has a very weird list of qualities that he seeks in his third wife. He wants someone good-looking with long hair and has wild sexual desires. 

He wants his partner to do creepy stuff and be completely unhygienic. He wants someone ready to do anything with him without any hesitation. 

Besides that, he wants his girl to be brainy and clever, but she also has to be lazy to do housework. 

Allen had also been on blind dates, but it was not really his thing because he used to keep high expectations, and the reality got horrible than his expectation. 

He also spoke about his fear. His biggest fear is to die of a heart attack. He is not scared of dying, but he doesn’t want to get a heart attack. Because of that, he stays away from food that contains cholesterol. 

Bechet Speaks For Her Famous Dad

Her dad was accused of sexually harassing the adopted daughter of his former partner Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan Farrow says she was sexually assaulted by Woody Allen when she was seven years old. 

Many people were outrageous on the internet, and he was all over the news. 

On the other hand, Bechet posted a Facebook status claiming that her father is a good man and he has always supported her with anything. 

She also claimed that he is caring and loving and could never do such a horrendous act

Bechet also shared a blog of Mosses Farrow where he has explained the toxic family environment of Farrow’s family

She said her father was an innocent man and stopped accusing him of the crimes he hadn't committed. 

Relationship With Her Father

Bechet has posted numerous pictures with her Dad on her Instagram

She also wished her father on the occasion of father’s day and thanked him for all he had done. 

She has also posted a picture with a cute caption, appreciating him for being a sweet, funny, most neurotic, and greatest role model for her in the entire Universe

Not only that, but she has also mentioned that she is grateful beyond belief. 

Bechet Allen Adorable Picture With Father Woody Allen
Bechet Allen Adorable Picture With Father Woody Allen Source: Instagram

Bechet’s Siblings

Just like Bechet, Manzie Tio Allen was also adopted by Woody and Soon-Yi. She was adopted as a small kid. 

Bechet says she has a deep emotional connection with her sister. She keeps on posting pictures now and then with her sister. 

Manzie Tio is a 21-year-old college student. She is also one of the closest friends of Francesca Scorsese, daughter of the legendary director Martin Scorsese.   

Bechet Allen Vintage Picture With Sister
Bechet Allen Vintage Picture With Sister Source: Facebook

A Fundraiser

Bechet is a fundraiser. She conducted a fundraising program in 2019 for a program called A Walk to Defeat ALS

She collected donations to support those affected by ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow, and breathe.

She said she wanted to make people aware of the disease and change the statistics. 

She also said this event to act as a hope to those suffering from this horrible disease and ensure proper medical treatment.  

A Singer And Guitarist

Bechet often uploads her singing and playing the guitar on her Instagram account. 

She says she is happiest when singing, playing the guitar, and surrounded by music. 

She is also active on sound cloud and often shares her music on that platform.

In A Relationship:

Bechet is in a relationship with a man named Ogden Huntington Olivas

She had posted a picture on her Instagram story wishing him Happy Valentine’s day on February 14th, 2021.

Her boyfriend is the director at Bright Page Books. She has not been super public about her romantic association with Olivas.

Bechet Allen With Her Boyfriend
Bechet Allen With Her Boyfriend Source: Instagram

Woody Married His Daughter 

Woody married his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn. Soon-Yi is the seventh daughter of Woody and Mia Farrow

Mia had filed a cased against Woody, saying that he had molested her daughter Dylan

Woody had been defending himself for many years that he hadn't done anything. 

Finally, after so many years, Woody's daughter, Soon Yi, has opened her mouth with whom he is married. 

She defended her husband, saying that he hadn't done anything to Dylan. Instead, she spoke against her mother, Mia, saying that she had been very abusive. 

After 25 years of all those allegations to his husband Woody, she opened up about Mia in an interview with New York Times

She said that Mia physically and mentally tortured her. Not only that, but Mia also hit her with a hairbrush and verbally abused calling her foolish and moronic.

Although Woody had been charged for sexually harassing her daughter Dylan he had never been taken into custody. 

A short clip of Dylan was shown where she said that Woody had been lying all the time to defend himself.

Soon-Yi said that Mia did very wrong to Woody, and it's heartbreaking. Her mom Mia took advantage of movement #Metoo to defame Woody

Woody's seven children were on Mia's side, and they spoke against Woody

Woody's son also supported her mom and said that his mother had done a lot for them. He thinks that Woody molested his sister.

Movie Stopped From Releasing 

Woody Allen is a well known actor, director and producer and as a director, he has released many master piece work in his whole career.

One of his movies named, Rainy Day in New York, was stopped from releasing. 

His that movie was based on couples who visited somewhere for weekend. 

But unfortunately they had to face bad weather and had to go through many adventures in the way. 

His movie A Rainy Day in New York was banned from release in the  US because of the allegation made to him. 

His adopted daughter accused him, and his daughter claimed that he sexually harassed her. 

That was his 48th movie and he opened up that working on movie every year is not really difficult. 

He told that he can go and spend time with family, play games and do what ever he want and he still get enough time to make a movie easily. 

He then talked about his experience in shooting for that movie in Manhatten and told that he had satisfying experience over there. 

Woody said that as a director he had been on the moment where he got disappointment with his own movie. 

He said that as a directer he watched his movie many times and thought that it was so good and one of the best movies, but later when he started editing the movie, he found many flaws and was disappointed.

He is aging day by day but he never thought of retiring anytime soon. 

The allegation made about his created #MeeToo movie created a problem in his career. 

Woody said he has no problem with his movie not releasing in the US

He said that it will automatically get released in the US if people like it. If they don't, it won't be released. 

For him its not a big issue if his movie get banned in US. 

Woody Was Easy To Work With

Woody has had a successful career in the film industry. He has changed the scenario of the film industry and turned it in a different direction. 

Woody is someone who tried and came out with a different type of movie and entertain the audience. He totally went against the chronology that classic movies used to have. 

Changing movies into comedy in a way of story was his specialty. He knew how to portray relationships onscreen. 

The scene would be unexpected and connects perfectly to the story of the movie. 

Back then, the lead of movies used to be tall, handsome, and charming. 

But Woody was an average-looking, not so tall, and not so charming kind of guy. 

Still, he played the lead in the movies and his talent spoke rather that his beauty. It was like a revolution in the industry because no one had done it before what Woody did. 

Moreover, he was really easy to work with according to his co-actors. They revealed that Woody was really a pleasing guy and he makes everyone so comfortable that it was really easy to work with him. 

Not only that but the trust and friendship that he builds with his co-actors really helps the movie to look as natural as it can be.

One of his crew even revealed that the bond between Woody and his co-stars was so great that they didn’t even need to act in some scenes.

Net Worth and Earnings:

Her profession has not been disclosed. So her net worth and earnings are unknown. But the net worth of her famous father is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$140 millionFilm director, actor, comedian 

Age, Height, and Weight:

  1. She is 22 years old.
  2. Her height and weight have not been disclosed.
  3. She is a college student.
  4. Her hobbies are playing guitar and to sing.

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