Who Is Carmen Matarazzo? Brother Of Gaten Matarazzo

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Who Is Carmen Matarazzo? Brother Of Gaten Matarazzo

Carmen Matarazzo is the brother of American actor Gaten Matarazzo. 

His mother's name is Heather McLaughlin, and his father's name is Gaten Matarazzo Sr.

He has two siblings, a sister Sabrina Matarazzo and a brother Gaten. Carmen has his birthday on November 10

He is an American citizen

Carmen Matarazzo with his siblings Sabrina Matarazzo and Gaten Matarazzo
Carmen Matarazzo with his siblings Sabrina Matarazzo and Gaten Matarazzo Source: Instagram

Brother's Relationship Status

Gaten is currently dating Lizzy Yu.

They started dating each other in 2018. Gaten met his love of the life in school, and they attended the same high school

Gaten has also wished for fourth year anniversary to his girlfriend, Lizzy on his social media.

Gaten Matarazzo with his girlfriend Lizzy Yu
Gaten Matarazzo with his girlfriend Lizzy Yu Source: Instagram

Gaten wants to help people’s like him? 

Gaten gave an interview to Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show where he talked about his series and the organization he is working with. He started the interview sharing his experience being part of series Stranger Things. Being in the series has been an amazing thing that to him and he find so cool when people recognize him for his character in Stranger Things and asks him about it. The final season of the series will release on 2025 and Gaten is really excited to see the ending of the character. All the characters in the series had been through the hardship through the four season so he is hoping to see the happy ending. He then talked about his participation in the organization CCD which means cleido cranial dysplasia. Gaten himself suffered from the same condition and has gone through many surgeries. As he has been on the same road so he knows how it’s feels. He wants to help other people dealing with the condition so his main focus is to raise money to the people suffering from CCD. He wants to use the money collected to cover the dental surgery and implant stuffs. Gaten thinks that the CCD organization will help people to communicate with the doctors freely and also they could learn from the experienced people and gets them professional advice. He is also trying help the organization from his family business. His family run a bakery named Joe’s bake Shop and the most money earned from the business goes to the organization to help those people. Working for the organization is something that he wanted to do and it makes him happy. 


Carmen was born on 10 November 2003, and his current age is 18 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Gaten is $4 Million. His main source of income is acting. 

Family of Carmen Matarazzo
Family of Carmen Matarazzo Source: Pinterest

Unable To Start Career Because Of Disease

Gaten is well known for his role in Stranger Things

The young actor Gaten opened up that he was not cast in any shows because of his rare disease cleidocranial dysplasia.

He went to give auditions many times, but sadly, he became unable to get cast because of his disease. 

Every time he went to audition for a role, he got rejection.

He said that his height and teeth became the major thing that stopped him from getting cast in the role.

He had also been bullied because of that disease. Gaten seems much more understanding and mature for his age, and he says that it might be because of the things he had to face because of his rare condition. 

His disease became a great challenge for him to start his acting career. His disease also created a problem in everything in his life.

Gone Through Numerous Surgery 

Gaten is struggling with a rare genetic disorder named cleidocranial dysplasia. 

Because of that disorder, he has problems with his height and teeth, as that disorder affects the development of bones and teeth. 

He was born without a collar bone, and his teeth didn't grow properly. 

He had 14 extra teeth which didn't grow at all, and because of his disorder, he had to go through many surgeries. 

He went to one of the surgeries recently, and in that surgery, he removed his extra teeth, and after removing those teeth, his other teeth were seen. 

He posted a picture of himself after successful surgery, hoping it was his last surgery. 

Worked In Restaurants 

Gaten earned huge fame after he started to work in Stranger Things.

Besides having a great acting career, Gaten worked in a restaurant. 

He opened up that while staying in the house during the pandemic, both of his siblings got employed in a restaurant in New Jersey

His siblings and his many friends also got employed in that same restaurant. 

One day when he was playing a game with his brother, his brother left for his work, and he felt like he should also go and do something. 

So he went with his siblings and got a job as a food runner in the restaurant. 

He said that some people freak out when they see and recognize him. 

Gaten Wants People To Watch His Show

Gaten responded to some of the tweets by his fan in the interview with GQ

One of the fans wrote that he hadn't watched Stranger Things, and he wanted Gaten to convince him. 

He responded to his tweet by saying that he should watch it as Stranger Things is interesting, and he said that he would find every category in the series. 

There are teenagers, kids, and adults, and they have themes of love, romance, horror, comedy and many more. 

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