Who Is Sabrina Matarazzo? Sister Of Gaten Matarazzo

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Who Is Sabrina Matarazzo? Sister Of Gaten Matarazzo

Sabrina Matarazzo is an actress and social media star. She is recognized as the sister of Gaten Matarazzo

Her brother is a Netflix Stranger Things famed star. She is American by nationality.

Her parents are Heather Matarazzo and Gaten Matarazzo Sr. She has two brothers, Carmen Matarazzo and Gaten.

 Sabrina Matarazzo with her family
 Sabrina Matarazzo with her family. Source: Pinterest

Is Sabrina Dating Anyone In 2022?

She does not have a boyfriend as of now. 

However, her brother, Gaten, is dating Lizzy Yu.

 Sabrina Matarazzo with her brother Gaten Matarazzo
 Sabrina Matarazzo with her brother Gaten Matarazzo Source: Instagram


Sabrina is 23 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 70 kg.

Net Worth

Sabrina has a net worth of $1.5 million. 

Gaten Talked About Season 4 of Stranger Things

Gaten openly talked about his show. He finished reading the whole season. 

He admitted that their director and writer had raised the bar compared to the last three seasons. 

He described the tone of the season as mature as the audience has become more aware and mature about their choices. 

He said that the plot twist in this season is very ambitious. 

In one of the interviews, he admitted that it was the scariest season for him to shoot. 

Gaten Talks About His Medical Condition 

Gaten was bullied when he was young. He used to be a nerd. 

He is living with a condition called Cleidocranial Dysplasia. 

It's a bone condition that affects the entire body but mostly affects your collar bone and teeth. 

Like in normal people, baby teeth fall out, and adult teeth come in, but it does not work like that in his case. 

All his baby teeth did not fall out and kept growing. He had all his teeth extracted and had to put braces on. 

He had undergone two surgeries. He will have more surgeries and extraction coming in the future too. 

He likes to make people aware of his condition and is a great example for all the kids. 

He is associated with the organization named CCD Smile, which helps raise money for Cleidocranial Dysplasia.

Gaten Worked In A Restaurant With Her Sister Sabrina 

During the pandemic, he got a job but not an acting job. He got a job in a restaurant. 

There were a couple of restaurants nearby where he lived in New Jersey. 

Some restaurants were opened because they had outdoor seating. 

Sabrina, Camren and some of his friends and cousins got a job there. 

Everyone with whom he used to hang out went to work. 

He was all alone, and he used to play with Mario carts the whole day. He did not like being alone, so he also joined them. 

He started working as a food runner. 

He used to wear hays and changed his voice so people could recognize him. 

But his fans always recognized him and freaked out no matter how hard he tried to hide his appearances.

Lesser-Known Fact About Sabrina

Sabrina was born in New York City. Her birthday is on 15 October. She has two siblings. 

She did her schooling at Pineland Regional High School in Tuckerton, New Jersey. 

She is a social media star and has an impressive fan following on her Instagram

She appeared in a movie named The American in 2013

In 2019 she was seen in two movies, Beyond Kepler and Major Key.

Sabrina Matarazzo with her brothers
Sabrina Matarazzo with her brothers' Source: Instagram

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