Who Is Carol Brosnahan? Mother Of Rachel Brosnahan

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Carol Brosnahan is the mother of American actress Rachel Brosnahan. She's married to Earl Brosnahan

Her husband is of Irish ethnicity. She has three children, a son and two daughters, Rachel and Lydia Brosnahan.

She is an English citizen.

Carol Brosnahan's husband, Earl Brosnahan and daughter, Rachel Brosnahan.
Carol Brosnahan's husband, Earl Brosnahan and daughter, Rachel Brosnahan. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Rachel

Rachel is currently married to her husband, Jason Ralph. They both happily tied the knot in 2018

They first met each other in 2015. At that time, they worked together on a series.

As of now, they've been married for four years and are very happy in their life.

Before that, she dated Michael Zegen. They dated in 2016 after meeting at a premiere. 

They ended their relationship in the same year. 

Rachel Brosnahan with her husband Jason Ralph.
Rachel Brosnahan with her husband Jason Ralph. Source: Pinterest


Rachel is 31 years old. Her height is 1.61 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Rachel is $15 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Carol Brosnahan's daughter Rachel Brosnahan.
Carol Brosnahan's daughter Rachel Brosnahan. Source: Instagram

Rachel Found A Dead Rat 

Rachel gave an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show about life in New York

She has been living in New York for 13 years and feels that everyone must live once in NY. 

She talked about the myths of NY and told about that one myth that turned out to be true. 

She heard that Rodent climbs through the pipes and comes to the toilet shower, and one of the friends found a dead rat in Rachel's bathroom. 

She got a text from her friend, went to the bathroom, and saw a dead rat. 

She panicked and used two big sticks to pick that rat out of the toilet. 

She opened up that the smell was nasty, and she nearly vomited while taking that rat out of her toilet.

Rachel Is A Calm Person

Rachel opened up in the interview, saying she was very calm about the incident. 

She was having a bad day and was talking to her friend over the telephone. 

She was busy complaining about the thing that had happened to her. 

She then saw fire on her roof and quickly cut the phone. It was raining outside, and there was a fire on her top, which confused her. 

She didn't panic and went to her husband and asked if he was busy or not. 

She was so calm that she calmly told him there was a fire in their house. 

Her husband's friend was also there, and they both got up and panicked and left the room. 

Her husband took the extinguisher and turned down the fire.

Shooting In A Haunted Place

Rachel shot We're Going to the Catskills! in a haunted place. 

She opened that she went to Las Vegas, Mexico, for shooting, and it was believed that ghosts haunted the place. 

They all stayed in the resort named The Plaza, and when she entered the room, she got strange vibes, so she went down to the reception and told a lady to give her another room, and she gave her too. 

But the second room also gave her even more creepy vibes, so she returned to her first room. 

While they were in that resort, one of the men of their cast came down furiously, saying that they cant send a lady inside his room without permission. 

The reception lady told them that it was Cassandra who was searching for her jewelry, Cassandra, which freaked the hell out of Rachel and other people. 

They were freaked out and told to leave that haunted place as soon as possible.

Rachel Upset Her Dad 

Rachel is one of the great actresses, and her performance in  Mrs. Maisel made everyone her fan. 

That series made her nominated for Grammy Award, which is very prestigious. 

She said she was sleeping when she learned about that big news. 

She was sleeping, and because of her dog, she woke up, and when she saw her phone, she got extremely happy to see news of being nominated. 

Her family members and everyone were happy, but her dad was disappointed. 

As she was sleeping, her dad got the news of her being nominated through her assistant. Because of that, her dad was upset. 

He wanted to hear that from Rachel, but as she was sleeping, he got that big news from the assistant instead of Rachel.

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