Who Is Lydia Brosnahan? Sister Of Rachel Brosnahan

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Who Is Lydia Brosnahan? Sister Of Rachel Brosnahan

Lydia Brosnahan is a celebrity sister. She is the sister of famous marvelous actress Rachel Brosnahan. 

Her parents are Earl Brosnahan and Carol Brosnahan.

Family of Lydia Brosnahan.
Family of Lydia Brosnahan. Source: Pinterest

Is Rachel Married?

Rachel met the man of her life, Jason Ralph, in 2015 during one of her shoots in Manhattan, New York.

They started dating shortly after meeting each other and fell in love. They always kept their relationship private. 

The couple revealed in an interview that they were married in September 2018

The news was all in the air when they arrived together on Emmy's red carpet, and both had rings on their fingers. 

Rachel confronted in SAG Award that they were married long ago and are together even longer. 

She revealed to the press that she likes to keep her life private. 

She also said she does not want to discuss or mix her private life with her work. 

And it's not just Rachel but Jason who also thinks the same. The partners are very supportive of each other. 

They have been married for almost four years and have been together for more than five years.

The couple has not yet decided about having a baby and is very busy with their work schedule.

Lydia Brosnahan's sister Rachel Brosnahan with her husband Jason Ralph
Lydia Brosnahan's sister Rachel Brosnahan with her husband Jason Ralph Source: Pinterest


Lydia's sister Rachel is 31 years old and was born on July 12, 1990, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

Her zodiac sign is Cancer. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Net Worth

Lydia's sister Rachel's net worth is 15 million dollars. She earns 300 thousand dollars per episode. 

She gained fame from the famous Netflix series House of Cards.

She is famous for her role as Miriam Maisel in the famous movie series Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Lydia Brosnahan's sister Rachel Brosnahan.
Lydia Brosnahan's sister Rachel Brosnahan. Source: Instagram

Surprised Her Sister Rachel On The Set Of Marvelous

Lydia surprisingly visited her sister on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel set during the New York City shoot.

These two sisters were seen walking in the street where Lydia was wearing a black down jacket with short black boots, and her sister Rachel was wearing a beautiful blue check coat.

Lydia Brosnahan with her sister Rachel Brosnahan.
Lydia Brosnahan with her sister Rachel Brosnahan. Source: Pinterest

Rachel's Fake Birthday On The Internet Fooled Many People

Rachel, on the show The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, shared her experience with her birthday's original fake news. 

Rachel had her birthday on July 12, but many peoples started wishing for her on April 2.

She got surprised, thinking why people were doing this and also tweeted that it was not her birthday to clarify to the audience. 

Rachel afterward said she and her friend were laughing about the incident.

After this incident, Rachel tried to change her birthday on Wikipedia with the help of some friends. 

She even kept her real birthday on the internet with the help of someone, but unfortunately, it was rejected. 

As a joke she tweeted who wants to change her internet birthday to December 15.

She thought no one would care because there were not many followers then. 

But someone changed her birthday to December 15, and her birthday on Wikipedia was changed to 2019.

Rachel, afterward in the show, also shared an incident about how her trailer after she came from the shoot was decorated with flowers, and everyone started wishing her happy birthday and got embarrassed. 

Benedict Cumberbatch even brought her a book as a birthday present, and she was embarrassed because of the whole situation. 

She even requested Wikipedia to change her birthday. 

After this show was released, her birthday was changed from her actual birthday on Wikipedia.

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