Who Is Earl Brosnahan? Father Of Rachel Brosnahan

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Who Is Earl Brosnahan? Father Of Rachel Brosnahan

Earl Brosnahan is the father of actress Rachel Brosnahan. He used to work in the publishing industry. 

His wife is Carol Brosnahan. The couple shares three children two daughters Rachel and Lydia Brosnahan and a son. 

He is of Irish descent.

Earl Brosnahan's daughter Rachel Brosnahan.
Earl Brosnahan's daughter Rachel Brosnahan. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Rachel

Rachel is happily married to Jason Ralph

They met each other for the first time on the set of the period drama Manhattan in 2015

But they kept their relationship very low-key. In 2018, she was spotted wearing a wedding ring on Emmy's red carpet. 

Later she revealed that they had been married for a year and even longer. 

They tied the knot in 2016. But their marriage was a very private affair. 

Their wedding news came out on media only in 2018

It's just that they wanted privacy and didn't want to share their relationship status publicly. 

Jason is a very supportive husband. He always shows his support for his wife through his social media handle. 

Rachel also loves him a lot. After she received the Golden Globe Award first thing she mentioned was about her husband. 

They do not have kids till now.

Rachel Brosnahan with her husband Jason Ralph.
Rachel Brosnahan with her husband Jason Ralph. Source: Pinterest


Rachel is 31 years old.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $15 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her acting career. 

She rose to fame after she played the role of Miriam Midge Maisel in the comedy series Mrs. Maisel.

Ring Stucked On Rachel's Finger Before The Emmy Award

When Rachel was about to appear on the red carpet for Emmy Award, she tried some beautiful jewelry loaned to her for the event. 

It was five minutes before she hit the red carpet. It was last minute, so she tested some of the rings on her finger. 

When she put a ring on her finger, she thought it didn't look great on that finger, so she tried to remove the ring from it. 

But it got stuck on her finger. Everyone got stressed and tried many ideas to take off that ring from her finger. 

Someone brought ice. She was also holding her hands over her head for ten minutes. But nothing worked. 

She was so panicked that she even knuckled her fingers. 

The ring was so tight that her finger turned into different colors. 

They even argued about taking her to the hospital before appearing on the red carpet. 

But she went onto the red carpet with that ring on her finger. 

Her finger was purple, and they put some makeup on her finger so no one could notice it.

Rachel Wants To Change Her Birthdate

In reality, Rachel's birthday falls on July 12

But on her Wikipedia, it is shown that her birthday falls on December 15

She said that initially, it was not her fault, but later it was her doing, and she admitted that in an interview. 

She shared an incident about how it happened. 

She said that a couple of years ago, she got birthday messages from some people on April 2

She tweeted that it was not her birthday. She asked someone to put her real birthday online. 

But her actual birthday got rejected. She couldn't change it. 

She found it very amusing and randomly tweeted who wanted to change her birthday to December 15.

Someone did it, and her joke became a reality.

Everyone thinks that her birthday is on December 15, even the Wikipedia. But now its changed to July 12.

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