Who Is Caroline Boyer? Wife Of Luke Bryan

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Who Is Caroline Boyer? Wife Of Luke Bryan

Caroline Boyer is best known as the wife of Country music artist Luke Bryan. She owns a clothing line named Best Bad Influence

She was born in Georgia, USA. Her in-laws are Tommy Bryan and LeClaire Bryan.

Caroline Boyer
Caroline Boyer Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Caroline is married to Luke Bryan. They exchanged their wedding vows in 2006. 

Two years after their marriage, they were blessed with their first child, Thomas Boyer Bryan

Now the couple has two kids, and her youngest son's name is Tatum Christopher Bryan

They are a family of four.

She has been married to him for more than fifteen years.

Caroline Boyer with her husband Luke Bryan and children
Caroline Boyer with her husband Luke Bryan and children Source: Instagram

How Did Caroline Meet Her Husband?

She met Luke when they were at Georgia Sothern University. Luke was her senior, and she was a freshman. 

They met at a local bar in 1998. 

Luke confessed in one of the interviews that he fell in love with her the first time he saw her. 

But it was Caroline who made the first move. 

She later revealed that he was a gentleman and never made a move while hanging out as friends as she was scared that it would make her uncomfortable. 

But the college sweethearts broke up, but they reconnected after five years in Statesboro.

He was playing in a bar, and she happened to be there. 

They had a small conversation, and after that, they started emailing each other, and she invited him for a Christmas party, and the rest is history.

Caroline Boyer with her husband Luke Bryan
Caroline Boyer with her husband Luke Bryan Source: Instagram


Caroline is 42 years old as she was born on 31 December 1979. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches. She weighs around 58 kg. 

Net Worth

Caroline's net worth is estimated to be $ 7 million

Pranked Husband On The Set Of American Idol

Caroline showed up to the Idol set as a videographer.

When a contestant started singing, she intentionally disrupted filming by enacting to open a chips packet. 

When they stopped and re-started filming, she again did the same thing. 

Katy, who was also on a judging panel, was so furious that she went up to her, snatched the packet and came to her seat. 

But Caroline remained in her character, and she followed Katy and grabbed the packet from her. 

Luke had no idea about that. He thought it was real. He looked very serious.

Katy revealed her face, and Luke got pranked. She said that they had a history of pranking each other. 

She has already planned a prank with Katy a day before. She hugged him at last.

Kept Instagram Private For Many Years

Caroline said that she is a very private person and made her social media private to protect Luke and her children. 

She used to have 30 followers on her account. They started a charity and decided to make her Instagram public. 

She was well aware that she would have to deal with bad and good things. 

She opened it up, and it did well. She said that she got millions of followers by accident. 

Lesser-Known Fact about Caroline

Luke was the second guy she ever kissed. Caroline was working when Luke's career just started. 

She is very close to Luke's mother. She posts pictures and videos of her mother-in-law. 

She even welcomed Luke's late sister's three children into the family. 

They are one big happy family. She is not interested in the music industry. She is an outdoor person. 

She loves animals, and she has opened up her charity barn for sick and disabled children in memory of her brother's son.

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