Who is Charina Almanzar? Mother Of Ice Spice

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Who is Charina Almanzar? Mother Of Ice Spice

Charina Almanzar is the mother of American rapper Ice Spice. She was married to her ex-husband, Joseph Gaston

She is mom to five children. Charina formerly worked at car dealerships. 

She is of African descent. She is a Dominican citizen by nationality. 

Charina, As A Supportive Mom

Charina's daughter, Ice, is a famous rising rapper. Her daughter’s songs are getting immense love from the public. 

Charina had her daughter Ice when she was only 17 years old, and she raised her daughter well as a single parent. 

She has been a supportive mom to Ice since she was a kid, and to this date, she shows her love and support to Ice

Charina is very active on her social media account. 

Her Instagram account is @Icespiecemom, and she has posted many videos vibing and enjoying her daughter’s song. 

Charina Almanzar with her daughter, Ice Spice.
Charina Almanzar with her daughter, Ice Spice. Source: Instagram

About Charina’s Daughter Ice 

Her daughter Ice is a rapper. She came to the spotlight after she released her song Munch

Recently, she collaborated with Nicki Minaj and released their new song Barbie World

She was born in 2000 and has her birthday on Jan 1st. She grew up with her four siblings. 

 Charina Almanzar's daughter, Ice Spice.
Charina Almanzar's daughter, Ice Spice. Source: Instagram

Who Is Ice Dating? 

Ice is private about her personal life. She hasn’t discussed her relationship in the media, and it seems she is single. 

However, she has been linked to many celebrities till now. Back in 2022, there were rumors of Ice dating Caleb McLaughlin

They were seen together, which created the news of them dating. After that, she was rumored to be dating Drake and Pete Davidson

Somehow, the rumor ended as no one ever confirmed it.

Age And Net Worth 

Ice is 23 years old. She has a net worth of $2 Million. Her source of income is rapping. 

Ice Was Scared To Work With Taylor Swift? 

Ice and Taylor worked together on Taylor’s new song, Karma

Ice said that when Taylor approached her with her new song, she had second thoughts about working with her. 

Taylor told Ice that she listened to her songs every day, and it shocked her that she wanted to work with her.  

Taylor is a big star and has always been portrayed as a Diva by the media. Because of that, Ice was nervous to work with Taylor and had second thoughts. 

But her thinking slowly changed when she started talking to Taylor and found her amazing and funny. 

Ice then went to meet Taylor in New York at Taylor’s studio, where Taylor was outside waiting for Ice to show up. 

Taylor wanted to make Ice feel welcomed, so she didn’t care about the media or paparazzi and waited for the Ice

That sweet gesture from Taylor made her feel that she was a normal and fantastic person.

Ice Doesn’t Want To Rush

Ice has released only six songs so far. 

She started her journey in the rap Industry just a year ago, and it didn’t take long for her to get fame. 

She is very talented, and because of her skills, people are waiting to see more of her songs in different rap styles. 

However, Ice has her planning. As an artist, she has always known that one has to evolve when it's time, and she will do the same. 

She now wants to stick to what she is doing, and if she feels that it’s time to evolve or do something different with her rap, she will do it. 

Till then, she is in no hurry to change her rap style. 

People love her songs and what she does, so she is not rushing for anything. 

Nicki Minaj Make Ice Cry

Ice collaborated with the Nicki Minaj in her new song, Munch

She opened up about her first meeting with Nicki and said she was scared. 

Ice has always been a big fan of Nicki, and when she met Nicki at her studio, she tried her best not to look nervous. 

She tried to calm her down, and when she entered the studio, she could make herself calm and comfortable. 

But then she heard Nicki’s voice, and her nerves started again. 

Nicki came out and talked with Ice’s manager and photographer, and then she hugged Ice

It was a huge moment for her, and when she got a hug from Nicki, she was speechless and started crying. 

She couldn’t say anything to Nicki and just walked away crying. Seeing Nicki in front of her was an unbelievable and proud moment for Ice.

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