Who Is Joseph Gaston? Father Of Ice Spice

by Mela Sun Oct 15 2023 Updated On Fri Oct 27 2023

Joseph Gaston is the father of Ice Spice, an American singer. He was married to Charina Almanzar.

Joseph Gaston's ex-wife and their daughter.
Joseph Gaston's ex-wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Joseph Inspired His Daughter Ice Into Music

Ice's real name is Isis Naija Gaston. She was born on January 1, 2000, in the Bronx

She is the eldest of five siblings. Her parents are Charina Almanzar and Joseph Gaston

Even though her parents split when she was young, they lived close to each other, allowing her to spend time with both of them. 

Her father is a private person, but he used to be an underground MC (rapper) and influenced Ice’s interest in music. 

She remembers being in the studio with her dad as a toddler, and his passion for music inspired her. 

Her mother, Charina, is of Dominican descent, and Ice credits her for her confident and sassy personality. 

Charina recorded videos of Ice Spice singing from a young age, showing her musical talents. 

When Ice went viral for the Buss It challenge during college, she decided to take her music seriously and started her career as a rapper. 

She is proud of her mixed heritage and the diverse culture of the Bronx, where she grew up.

Joseph Gaston's daughter, Ice Spice.
Joseph Gaston's daughter, Ice Spice. Source: Instagram


Joseph's age is not public yet. His daughter is 23 years old.

Net worth

His daughter Ice's net worth is about $2 million.

Fame Of His Daughter

Just a year ago, Ice was not known. She was attending the MTV Video Music Awards in the audience. 

But now she has become a big star with hit songs and collaborations. 

At the recent VMAs, she won the Best New Artist award and cried tears of joy on stage, thanking her fans calling them Munchkins

She is proud of her Bronx roots and is known for her unique style and personality. 

One of her famous collaborations is with Taylor Swift, who praises her professionalism and dedication. 

They met after Ice watched a documentary about Taylor and connected over music. 

Ice’s rise to fame has been rapid, but her music focuses on quality over quantity. 

She is also making brand deals and taking good care of herself to perform at her best. 

Her success has surprised many in the male-dominated world of New York drill music, and her unique style and relatability have set her apart. 

In a short time, Ice has become a known figure in the music industry, and her collaboration with Taylor Swift is a testament to her talent and dedication.

Ice Feels Responsible For Her Five Siblings 

In an interview, Ice talked about her journey from battling social anxiety to creating music. 

She credits her college days for helping her find her identity and experiment with her creativity.

Ice expressed her commitment to her art and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to culture and challenge stereotypes. 

Ice mentioned her appreciation for her loved one’s support and the freedom success brings to prioritize family time. 

She and Nicki Minaj both discussed their experiences working together. 

Ice shared how she felt accomplished, and Nicki Minaj shared the importance of their collaboration.  

Also, being the oldest siblings of five, Ice feels responsible for setting an excellent example for them. 

Growing up, she was told to behave because her sisters watched her, and they might adopt her bad behavior. 

Ice is grateful for her siblings, and she feels proud to be the oldest sibling because they look up to her. 

So that thing prepared her because now she is famous and many people look up to her. 

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