Who Is Chrissie Heughan? Mother Of Sam Heughan

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Who Is Chrissie Heughan? Mother Of Sam Heughan

Chrissie Heughan is the mom of Scottish actor, producer, author, and entrepreneur Sam Heughan

She is an artist and gallery educator. She was born in Edinburg

She shared two sons, Cirdan and Sam, with her former husband, David. She is a Scottish citizen by her nationality. 

Chrissie Heughan's ex-husband, David.
Chrissie Heughan's ex-husband, David. Source: Pinterest

About Chrissie’s Son Sam

Sam is an actor, producer, author, and entrepreneur

He is well known for his role as Jamie Fraser in the series Outlander

He was born in 1980 to his parents and has his birthday on April 30th

Chrissie Heughan's son Sam Heughan.
Chrissie Heughan's son Sam Heughan. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Sam 

Sam is not married yet and doesn't have a girlfriend either. He is currently living a single life.

However, he has been linked with his co-actress, Caitriona Balfe

Their on-screen chemistry in the Outlander series made people doubt they have something in real life, too, but the rumor was shut off as both of them revealed that they were just good friends to each other. 

He was also linked to Monika Clarke, and there was also news about them getting engaged.

Who Has Sam Dated?

In 2014, Sam was in a relationship with Cody Kennedy. They dated for four months, and after that, they broke up. 

He then dated Meckezie Mauzy in 2016. They were together till 2018. He was also in a relationship with Amy Shiels from 2018 to 2021.

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Sam is 43 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million

Children of Chrissie Heughan.
Children of Chrissie Heughan. Source: Facebook

Sam Spoke On The Short Season Outlander

Sam gave an interview TODAY where he talked about his famous series “Outlander.” 

The series was so hyped up that it has all its season's big hits. 

But the interview was taken after the accomplishment of season 6, the shortest season of all seasons. 

He provided a valid reason for Season 6 to be the shortest season. 

He revealed that the shooting of Season 6 of the series was done during the time of covid. 

As the covid struck down, the shooting had to be overextended. This caused the production delay. 

Hence, they decided to shoot a short season. But they covered up that, making Season 7 the longest. 

Even the audience thought Season 6 was short, and they were unsatisfied with it. 

In the same interview, he revealed that Season 8 would be the series's last season. 

Sam Is Open To Anything

Sam was interviewed in the show “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” where he was asked about his preference for romance and girls. 

He revealed that he was the kind of person that does things outside the box. He will even be excited to hook up in the back of a Lamborghini.

He likes to have a romantic candle-like dinner with his partner and watch a horror movie. 

He said that his preference for girls was based on their inner beauty. 

He likes an intelligent, thoughtful, outspoken, and creative personality with a great attitude. 

Based on physic, he is open to any kind of girl. But he prefers a strong lady who can lift him.

Sam Wanted A Solo Trip

Sam has always been busy shooting movies and series and never gets time for himself. 

But he got a week off from his busy life, and out of nowhere, he went on an unplanned trip. 

It was supposed to be a solo hike, so he gathered more than enough gear. 

He always wanted to give himself time and connect to mother nature, so he didn’t think of anything else and went on the trip. 

But while going on the trip, he met many people that made him more energetic and inspired him to keep going. 

He was carrying a lot of gear, so he almost quit on the second day, but because of the people he met along the way, he kept going on. 

Scotland had a lot of beautiful places, and he was fortunate to be in one. He even wrote a book about his same 90 miles journey and published it.

Sam Organizes Charity Events

Sam was a young actor and quite a fragile one, so he didn’t have quite a knowledge about the wrong side of the industry. 

But there was a lot of pressure in the industry, and that is when he came out about his eating disorder. 

He also learned that there is always a body type wanted for any movie, mostly for females. 

Hence, he wanted to educate people about that side of industry and life so that others don’t face it. 

He then opened a charity organization that educates all newcomers and other people about the issues in the industry and ways to deal with or eliminate it. 

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