Who Is Monika Clarke ? Girlfriend Of Sam Heughan

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Who Is Monika Clarke ? Girlfriend Of Sam Heughan

Monika Clarke is the girlfriend of a Scottish actor, producer, author and entrepreneur, Sam Heughan

Monika is a model by profession. She was born in 1991 and had her birthday on September 1st. 

She was raised in Swan Hill by her parents. She is an Australian citizen

Her boyfriend, Sam, was born to his mother, Chrissie Heughan, and has a brother named Cirdan Heughan.

Parents Of Monika Clarke
Parents Of Monika Clarke Source: Instagram

Sam Relationship Status

Sam is currently dating Australian model Monika.

Their dating news was confirmed after both of them were caught kissing at a Cafe Select each other. 

Before this, their affair rumors flashed out because they were seen hanging out in many places. 

Monika Clarke's boyfriend Sam Heughan
Monika Clarke's boyfriend Sam Heughan Source: Instagram


Monika is 30 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Sam is $6 Million. His source of income comes through being an actor, producer, author and entrepreneur. 

Monika Clarke stunning in her dress
Monika Clarke is stunning in her dress  Source: Instagram

Sam Is A Liar

In the show Jimmy Kimmel Live interview, Sam talked about his fans and him being liar. 

He admitted that as an actor, he lied to get a job. 

Sam is originally from Scotland, but he faked his accent to get the role. 

He opened up that in some situations, he nearly got caught. 

He talked about the time when he came to Los Angels for the first time. 

At that time, he pretended to be an American, and as he is good at faking accent, he talked with them in American accent, but when he was asked about his origin, he didn't know what to say. 

Then he makeup things like his father being American or Canadian, and he speaks in American-Scottish accent.

He told that he did those things to get the job, and that's the thing that only matters to him.

Marathon For Fitness 

Sam was in New York for a short period of time, and he came to NY for a short visit. 

During his visit to New York, he watched the marathon and congratulated all the participants who took part in the marathon; he also enjoyed the marathon very much. 

He then opened up he participated in two marathons in a month and said that he did that marathon for himself and it was his challenge himself. 

He ran in that marathon for his fitness, and he also did that to raise funds for his charity named My Peak Challenge. 

He opened up that platform encourages people to work out and have a proper meal plan. 

He and his charity team has raised $2 Million.

Went Through Bullying And Harassment 

A year back, Sam opened up about being a victim of bullying and harassment. 

He opened up about what he had gone through on social media. 

He revealed that he was blamed for manipulating his fans and also blamed that he spread unnecessary rumors about the COVID Virus

He said that the allegation made to him were all fake. 

He didn't speak about any of those things before as he didn't want to create any issue and thought that those things would come to an end soon. 

But nothing happened, so he decided to come up and talked about the harassment and bullying he had been facing for six years, as it was slowly destroying his mental health. 

Those false allegations made for him hurt him, and it was becoming his daily concern. 

As things went out of control, he came up and wrote about all those things on his social media.

Date With Sam 

Sam opened up about him collaborating with Omaze on their charity campaign. 

He said they had kept an offer where people could go on a date with Sam to Scotland

People can enjoy Scottish dance and dinner with him. 

The interviewer got very excited when Sam talked about that, and he said that he was interested in that campaign so that he could go on a date with Sam

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