Cooper Matheson

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Cooper Matheson

Cooper Matheson is the son of an American actor and director, Tim Matheson. His mother's name is Megan Murphy Matheson.

He has two sisters named Emma Matheson and Molly Mathieson.  He is American by his nationality.

Parents Relationship 

Tim was married to Jennifer Leak previously. Tim met Jennifer on the set of the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours

They both got married in the year 1968. They were married for only three years, and in 1971 they divorced each other. They had no kids together.  

After fourteen years, he got married for the second time.

His second wife is Copper's mother Megan Murphy Matheson. They both shared three kids named Copper, Emmy, and Molly.

They were married for ten years and later separated. 

Then in 2018, his father Tim got married to Elizabeth Marighetto for the third time. 

As of 2021, they are still married, and they are living in Hollywood, California, together.

Parents of Cooper Matheson
Parents of Cooper Matheson   Source: Pinterest

About Tim Matheson

Tim's full name is Timothy Lewis Mathieson was born on 31 December 1947. He was born to Sally and Clifford Mathieson in Glendale, California

He started his acting career when he was thirteen years old, and at that time, he showed his presence in Robert Young's CBS comedy series.

He has done many movies in his lifetime and is well known for his role in the Jonny Quest TV series. His brilliant acting made him win many awards in his life. 

Cooper Matheson with his sister
Cooper Matheson with his sister  Source: Instagram

Father Tim Wanted to be a Director

Tim pursued his acting career when he was too young. He earned a huge name in the film industry with his brilliant acting skills. 

He first appeared as a leading actor in Animal House. But being an actor only was not sufficient for him. 

He always wanted to be a director and direct his movie. He fulfilled that wish and directed his first movie when he was 46 years old.

The first movie directed by him was Breach of Conduct which was a suspense-thriller movie.  


He was born in 1994, and he is 27 years old now.

Net Worth 

The net worth of his father, Tim, is $7 Million. His source of income is acting and directing. 

The yearly income of an American actor is $40,860 per year.

Cooper's Dad, Tim, Received Threats

Tim is a famous actor who has been in the acting line for many years. In 2021, Cooper's dad, Tim, received a threat on social media that made him terrified. 

He was asked for huge money by an unknown person. It was clearly said that if Tim didn't provide a huge amount of money ,he would take his life. 

Tim had no idea about that person. But that threat made him scared. He told about that threat to the police. 

After complaining to the police, the unknown person immediately stopped sending a threat to him. 

Later, Tim  decided not to make any charges against the unidentified person. As he stopped getting threats, he focused on his life again.

Tim Made Fun of Immigrants

Tim had some conversation with Melania Trump, who was a Slovenian-born former first lady. 

After his conversation with Melania, Tim posted in his Twitter account making fun of her English speaking. 

That post of him pissed his follower, and he received a lot of criticism from his followers. 

He got hate comments from people as he made fun of immigrants.  One of his followers also commented that making a joke of immigrant are very wrong. 

His tweet clearly showed that he was mocking Melania. After receiving all those comments from his follower, he deleted his post and apologized for his post. 

He also called himself an idiot for making fun of the former first lady. He agreed that he was wrong and shouldn't have joked about that.

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