Emma Matheson- Truth About Tim Matheson Daughter

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Emma Matheson- Truth About Tim Matheson Daughter

Emma Matheson is the daughter of Hollywood actor and director Tim Matheson

About Family 

Tim Matheson is well known for portraying Eric Otter Stratton's character in the comedy movie National Lampoon's Animal House

He was born on December 31, 1947. He is seventy-three years old now. 

Emma's mother's name is Megan Murphy Matheson. She is also an actress. 

But she has not done any high-budget movies yet. She is known for her work in films like Brain Donors and Dinner: Impossible

Emma Matheson mother Megan Murphy Matheson 
Emma Matheson's mother, Megan Murphy Matheson. Source: Pinterest

She has two siblings, one brother and one sister named Cooper Matheson and Molly Matheson

Cooper was born in 1994. He is twenty-seven years old. Molly is her eldest sister, and she was born in 1987

She is thirty-four years old. She is also into the movie business, just like her father. 

She works as a director and producer. She has produced shows like Paris Hilton's Best Friend, Dark Side of the Porn, The Secret Millionaire, and Risking It All

Emma is the middle child. Cooper is the youngest one in the family. 

Emma with her father and siblings
Emma with her father and siblings. Source: Pinterest

Parent's Marriage and Separation

Her parents got married in the year 1985. They were together for twenty-five years. 

They got legally separated in 2010, and the reason behind their separation is unknown. 

However, lots of sources claim that he was found cheating on her wife with other women. 

Emma Matheson with her parents and sister
Emma Matheson with her parents and sister. Source: Pinterest

Emma's father has been married three times in total. He was first married to a woman named Jennifer Leak in 1968. She is also from the movie industry. 

After three years of marriage, they separated and got a divorce in the year 1971. After that, he married Emma's mother. 

Now he is married to a woman named Elizabeth Mari Ghetto. They got married in the year 2018.

They live together in Hollywood, California.  

Emma Matheson father, Tim Matheson with his wife Elizabeth Mari Ghetto 
Emma Matheson father, Tim Matheson, with his wife Elizabeth Mari Ghetto. Source: Instagram

Professional life of Father

Her father, Tim, has done several movies, including high-budget films. 

He has appeared in movies like Divorce American Style, The Mystery of Chinese Junk, How to Commit Marriage, To Be or Not To Be, Drop Dead Fred, and so on. 

He has also given voice to the character Houston Campcom in Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the moon.

Moreover, he has given voice to other television series like Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Thompson's Ghost, Samson and Goliath, and Batman: The Brave and Bold

He has also directed the movie Behind Enemy LiMatheson'snes: Colombia

He has directed television series like Twilight Zone, Threat Matrix, Ed, Third Watch, etc. 

He had also served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. 

Tim was awarded two Prime Time Emmys Awards for portraying his character, the smooth-talking Eric "Otter" Stratton, in the movie National Lampoon's Animal House in 1978

Next is the character of Vice President John Hoynes in the drama The West King. He is widely known for these two movies. 

He was also nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama series

Tim Matheson's Experience of Working with John Belushi

Tim gave an interview to the axstv where he shared his experience on working with well known actor John Belushi.

Tim and John worked together on a  show named Animal House, and while working with John, Timfelts that John was one the most delightful person he had ever met. 

John is a New York actor, and back then,n the actors of New York always thought they were better thane LA actors.

New York actors had bad attitudes as they thought they were the only ones who knew about the acting. 

But in case of John, he was completely different that those actors. He was not like arrogant New York actors. 

Tim opened up how he and his fellow mate went to the airport to pick John and then went to John's house. 

He told that John's house was away from the bad influence and away from the cast. 

John always goes to the Saturday Night Live show and from there he goes to New York, spends some time over there and come back to Tim for the shooting of Animal House.

While working with John, Tim felt that John was the nicest and sweetest person and he were grateful that he got to work with him. 

Tim just loves watching Matheson's doing his scene and likes spending time with him. 

Working in Animal House was a new experience and doing his first comedy with John was absolutely incredible for him.

Net Worth

The career and professional life of Emma Matheson has not been revealed. 

That's why her net worth is unknown. However, the net worth of her father Tim is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$7 millionActor, Director, Voice actor, producer

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She was born in 1988 and her current age is 33.
  2. She has of average height and weight.
  3. Her nationality is American.
  4. She is of white ethnicity.

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