Who Is Daniel Richard? Father Of Jamal Musiala

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Who Is Daniel Richard? Father Of Jamal Musiala

Daniel Richard is the father of German professional footballer Jamal Musiala. He's married to his wife, Carolin Musiala

He has three children with Carolin and their names are Jerrell Musiala, Latisha Musiala, and Jamal. Daniel was born in Nigeria

He is of British-German by his nationality. 

Daniel Richard's wife and son.
Daniel Richard's wife and son. Source: Pinterest

Who Is Daniel's Son Jamal Dating?

Jamal is not dating anyone. He is single.

Age And Net Worth 

Daniel's age and net worth are unknown. However, his son Jamal has a net worth of $ 1.5 Million

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Daniel Richard's son Jamal Musiala.
Daniel Richard's son Jamal Musiala. Source: Instagram

Jamal Chose Germany Over England 

Jamal was born in Germany, but he grew up in England

His family moved to England when he was a child, and because of that, he now holds citizenship in both Germany and England, and he can play in any team among them. 

In 2020 Jamal played for England under 21, but in the 2021 Euro Cup, he was seen playing for Germany

Jamal said that he had a very hard time choosing between England and Germany, but then he took a moment to think about his comfort and what he actually wanted, so he chose to be in team Germany and gave his best. 

He has a huge love and respect for England. He also has his best mates in team England, so he will always support England, but he will always choose Germany and hopes it wins the World Cup and other big matches in the future.

Jamal’s First-Time Experience In Chelsea 

Jamal started his football career in his young, and his journey started with the Southhampton football club. 

After his mom got a job in England, he and his whole family moved there, and he played for team Southhampton

While Jamal was playing for Southhampton, Chelsea offered him the trailer, and as it was a great time, he couldn’t deny it. 

He joined Chelsea in 2011, and at that time, he was only ten years old. 

In one of the interviews, he talked about his first-time experience in Chelsea. 

He was very young, and when he went for training, he was nervous. As Chelsea had great players like Roberts Lewandowski, and training with them was a huge thing for him. 

For him seeing Lewandowski on a daily basis was not normal. But slowly, he got a habit of it.

Jamal Is Great At Dribbling  

Jamal is one of the youngest players on his team, and his football playing at such a young age is outstanding. 

In the interview with ESPN FC, The interviewer praised him for his skill in dribbling, and he wanted to know how Jamal got such good at dribbling and asked him if he trained himself in a cage. 

Jamal opened up that he had been practicing dribbling since his early days, and he used to practice it in tight spaces like in the garden and cones of the training field. 

He didn’t train himself in cages, and eventually, he started getting good at it. 

He trained himself more and more and felt that dribbling was best for him. 

His hard training made him better, and now he is really good at dribbling.

Jamal Didn't Know To Speak English 

Jamal was born in Germany, and after his parents moved to England, Jamal faced a hard time speaking and understanding the English language

However, the people around him were friendly enough, which didn't cause many problems for him. 

At the start, he used emotions and physical expressions of people to understand what they were saying to him. 

The gesture of people around him was kind, and he used that to understand what the person was saying to him. 

He learned English easily after taking classes a few times. 

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