Who Is Latisha Musiala? Sister Of Jamal Musiala

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Who Is Latisha Musiala? Sister Of Jamal Musiala

Latisha Musiala is the sister of German professional football player Jamal Musiala

She was born to her parents, Carolin Musiala and Daniel Richard. She grew up in Stuttgart, Germany, with her two brothers, including Jamal.

She is a German citizen.

Latisha Musiala with her parents and brother, Jamal Musiala.
Latisha Musiala with her parents and brother, Jamal Musiala. Source: LifeBogger

Brother's Relationship Status

As of 2022, Jamal is currently single. The player is much more focused on his career. 

Latisha Musiala's brother, Jamal Musiala.
Latisha Musiala's brother, Jamal Musiala. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Latisha are unknown. His brother Jamal is 19 years old

The net worth of Jamal is $1.22 Million

Latisha’s Brother Scored In World Cup

Latisha’s brother Jamal is just 19 and already representing Germany in the World Cup 2022

It was his first-ever World Cup, and he scored a goal in his first match against Japan

It was not a touch-in goal or a header goal. He scored, surpassing the defenders like Messi does by dribbling and shooting the ball inside the post. 

He was the player to score the first goal for Germany in World Cup 2022.

Sadly, it was the only goal for Germany, and Japan scored two goals in the match. 

Jamal scored his first goal in World Cup but lost the match.

Jamal Took One Suggestion From England 

Jamal had played in English clubs since childhood until he arrived at the German club Bayern Munich

He also had a great time with England national team in his youth matches. 

But he is finally playing with the Germany national team in the senior team as one of the players playing in the World Cup 2022. 

With Germany, he had learnt everything and got everything he ever needed. 

He is also too comfortable playing for the German side. But still, he reveals one thing he loves about the English team and takes it with him no matter where he goes. 

And that is playing with freedom. He was always told to play with freedom in the English team and has taken it with him to date.

Jamal Got Injured By His Teammate

Jamal and Muller play in the same club Bayern Munich. They always train together, and as attackers, they often go against each other in training. 

Jamal and Muller were training similarly in one of the training sessions, but in the practice match, Muller mistakenly injured Jamal, although he was his teammate. 

His injury was minor, but the medical team had to come to action instantly. 

Muller apologized to Jamal for his actions, and Jamal seemed to be okay with it because it was part of their profession. 

But the injury kept the player away from a few matches. 

Jamal Felt Honored To Be Compared With Messi

Jamal gave an interview before World Cup where he talked about his team and how ready they were to win the World Cup.

In the same interview, he was compared to Messi and told that he was somehow like Messi in his team. 

Listening to it, he blushed out in the media and expressed that it was an honour to be compared to Messi

He opened how high-class player Messi was, and his level was something no one could match. 

So Jamal was happy that some of his fans and well-wishers saw him as the Messi of Germany.

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