David Heard- Amber Heard Father Threatened To Shoot Johnny Depp?

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David Heard- Amber Heard Father Threatened To Shoot Johnny Depp?

David Heard is the father of American actress Amber Heard

David is the owner small construction company. He was married to Paige Heard

He used to ride horses when he had leisure time. He has two daughters named Amber and Whitney

David Heard with his daughter Amber Heard
David Heard with his daughter Amber Heard  Source: Instagram

Did David Heard threaten Johnny Depp?

David, the father of Amber, threatened to shoot Johnny, the first husband of her daughter Amber

As Johnny Depp filed a case against her daughter saying that David's daughter violated him when they were married. 

Depp charged $50 Million on his daughter Amber. Depp even assured that he was threatened by his wife too. 

After that, Depp also reported that he received a call from his ex father in law, David, who threatened to kill him as he was ruining his daughter's career. 

David threatened Depp by saying he would shoot him if he won't stop blackmailing his daughter.

Was David An Abusive Husband?

There has been rumor that David has been an abusive husband to his wife till her very last breath. 

He had struggled with alcohol and drug abuse throughout his life.

People even started comparing David's abusive behavior to that of Amber. Supporters of Johnny Depp even said Amber is like her father.

And also has blamed Amber saying that she did the same thing as her father did to her mother which she saw while she growing up.

Death of Beloved Wife

David and Paige got married on 21 November 1984. They were together till the last breath of Paige.

She died on 3 May 2020 in Austin, Texas. The cause of her death is unknown.

David Heard with his late wife Paige Heard 
David Heard with his late wife Paige Heard    Source: Instagram

David Heard Arrested?

David although claim that he is an animal lover, he has been arrested in the past for animal cruelty.

He was accused of running a pitbull ring and causing torture to the animal.

It was said that there were almost seven pitbull being abused in the ring in a 10 acres land and the property belong to David as well.

This incident took place in Texas in 1980s.

Daughter Amber Abused by her First Husband

Amber was married to Johnny Depp in 2015 and after one year of their relationship, Amber alleged her husband had mistreated her. 

She claimed that her husband had brutally harmed her and added that her husband had been physically abusing her since their marriage.  

Amber came into media showing marks on her cheek. She said that her husband gave the mark by throwing mobile phone at her face.  

She even said that her husband harassed her emotionally and threatened her. 

Amber also said that he was more dangerous when he came home under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

But her husband Depp completely denied that allegation saying that it was Amber's trick to take a financial settlement. 

After that, they both did settlement in the case, and the case got dismissed.

Did Amber Cheated On Johnny Depp?

Amber and Elon Musk has been rumored to have been dating after Amber got divorce from Johnny.

But a video has been surfing about Amber and Musk being intimate in a lift while she was still married to Johnny.

There are also rumor about Elon, Amber and Cara Delevingne having threesome at Depp's house in 2016.

But Elon denied having any intimate relationship with Cara and said that she is only friend.

Amber Heard Was Charged For Tricking

Martin Amis charged Amber as he blamed that she broke the contract that was signed between them. 

Before that, Martin had also charged many actors for cheating and hijacking the movie's final cut. 

Martin accused that Heard had failed to fulfill the contract requirement that she signed and refused to attend any promotional services.

She changed the script without the knowledge of the producer. She was also charged that she had teamed up with Cullen, Martin's betrayal, to break the agreement and cheat him. 

After that, Heard also falsely charged the producer, Martin saying that she had never agreed to use her nude picture, but the producer used it without her concern. 

But she wasn't able to prove so she was charged  for that. 

Daughter Through Surrogacy

Amber had a daughter a year ago on April 8, 2021 via surrogacy. There are rumor that she might be able to have baby on her own so she opted for surrogacy,

Her daughter name is Oonagh Paige Heard. She confirmed the news by sharing it on Instagram. She named her daughter's middle name as Paige as a tribute to her mother.

The sperm donor or the father of the child has not been disclosed.

Daughter's Love Affairs 

Amber is bisexual. She had dated many men and women throughout her life. 

At first, Amber dated Tasya Van Ree for four years. They got separated in 2016

After that, she started dating Johnny Depp. They married but their relationship didn't long last and got divorce.

They both alleged each other claiming that one violated another.

After that, Amber dated Elon Musk, whom she met at the movie's shooting.  

They had a messy break up due to an allegation made by her first husband, Depp

Amber started dating Vito Schnabel in 2018. They had a great relationship together but couldn't maintain it as they were very far from each other.  

So they broke up after three years

She also dated Biance Butti but later broke up. They rumors of dating started in 2020

They both attended the 2020 Women's March in Los Angeles. They were caught up making out in a hotel. 

In 2021 they both were caught up in the airport. The couples were holding their hand together. 

Net Worth

His daughter Amber has net worth of $9 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

She works in the film industry as she had played many roles in movies and TV series.

Age, Height, and Weight

He was born on 5 May 1950 in Dallas, Texas. His current age is seventy-one years old. 

About Amber Heard

Amber is an American actress who was born on 22 April 1986. She lived in Austin, Texas before with her parents and a sister. 

She loves fishing, hunting, and riding horses with her father. She played in many movies and TV series.  

She started her career by playing small roles in TV series. After that, she chances to play in a horror movie.  

She is bisexual by her sexuality and had dated many men and women. 

She came to fame by her supporting character in Judd Apatow. Her martial dramas got succeeded at the box office. 

She is also the ambassador of the ACLU. 

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