Who Is Paige Heard? Mother Of Amber Heard

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Who Is Paige Heard? Mother Of Amber Heard

Paige Heard is the late mother of American actress and activist Amber Heard. 

She was an internet researcher by her profession. Paige was married to her husband, David Heard.

She had two daughters, Amber and Whitney Heard, with David. She was an American citizen. 

Paige Heard's father David Heard and sisters Amber Heard and Whitney Heard
Paige Heard's father, David Heard, and sisters Amber Heard and Whitney Heard Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Amber is currently unmarried. Previously she was married to well-known actor Johnny Depp. 

They happily tied the knot in 2015. 

Their marriage didn't last long as Amber filed for divorce against her ex-husband and charged him with being abusive. 

Amber Heard with her ex-husband Johnny Depp
Amber Heard with her ex-husband Johnny Depp Source: Instagram

Past Dating Life Of Amber

Before tying the knot with Johnny, Amber was in a relationship with Tasya Van Rae in 2008. 

They dated each other for four years straight, and after that, they broke up. 

She got into a relationship with Elon Musk for a year. In 2020 she dated an actress named Bianca Butti

They ended their relationship in 2021. Talking about her kids, she has a daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard born in 2021. 

Paige Heard's daughter Amber Heard
Paige Heard's daughter Amber Heard Source: Instagram


Paige died at the age of 63 in 2020.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Amber is $2.5 Million. Her source of income is acting

Paige Heard in her young days.
Paige Heard in her young days. Source: Instagram

Amber's Nude Got Viral 

Back in 2014, many actresses' iCloud got hacked, and during that time, many nude photos of many actresses got viral over the internet. 

Among them, Amber also became the victim of a nude photo leak. 

Her nudes were all over the internet, and she was humiliated and judged by many people. 

Her nude photos had been circulating for four years after the hacking

She opened up that she wanted it removed and wanted those people to be punished for what they did. 

She said that she has to go through hard times after facing humiliation.

Amber Cheated On Her Husband

Amber and Johnny's divorce case is trending all over. 

But as the case was seen into more depth, many new things and names came into the case. 

Among those names was one big name Elon Musk. 

Elon Musk and Amber were in a relationship in 2016, and they separated for good as they didn't have time for one another. 

But Johnny claimed that Amber saw Elon when Johnny went out of their house. 

Amber was cheating on Johnny with Elon.

Not only that, but it also came out in the media that Amber, Elon and Cara were having a threesome. 

But Elon revealed that it was false, and they had never had any intimate moments.

Johnny Didn't Let Amber Do Movies. 

Amber presented a chat between her and Johnny where Johnny seemed to be angry at Amber for going to a meeting about movies. 

She accused Johnny of restricting her from playing movies. 

But Johnny revealed that he was why Amber got her only famous and iconic role in the movie Aquaman. 

Amber got the role after their marriage, and Johnny was the man behind her to get the role. 

Hence she claimed that Johnny didn't let her play the movie was all a joke. 

Her costar in Aquaman also showed support towards Johnny for the case as he also knows Johnny is true. 

In the rumors, Amber will soon be removed from the Aquaman franchise as Johnny was the only reason Amber got the role. 

Many Aquaman fans also support Johnny, and they even said that Amber should be removed from the movie or else they would not watch the movie.

Amber Was Abused?

Amber has filed a case against her ex-husband Johnny Depp saying that he physically abused her. 

She told her ex-husband tore her clothes and sexually assaulted her with a bottle. Not only that, she claimed that her ex-husband also slapped her many times. 

The case made by Amber has now reached the court, and many people are blaming Amber, saying that she lied about her being abused.

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