Who Is Dorita Olmo? Mother Of Dani Olmo

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Who Is Dorita Olmo? Mother Of Dani Olmo

Dorita Olmo is the mother of Spanish professional football player Dani Olmo. 

Her husband's name is Miquel Olmo Forte. She belongs to the Croatian ethnicity. She is a Spanish-Croatian citizen.

Dorita Olmo's husband and son, Dani Olmo.
Dorita Olmo's husband and son, Dani Olmo. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Dorita is married to her husband, Miquel Olmo Forte, a retired Spanish football player and current manager of the Spanish football team Manama Club

She has two children with her husband, both of whom are sons. Her oldest son's name is Carlos, and her youngest son's name is Dani

Dorita's both children followed their father. Like her husband Miquel, both her sons showed their interest in playing football, and as of now, they are pursuing their careers playing football. 

Dorita Olmo with her sons.
Dorita Olmo with her sons. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Dorita are unknown. Her son Dani is 24 years old and has a net worth of $1 - $5 Million. 

Dorita Olmo with her son, Dani Olmo.
Dorita Olmo with her son, Dani Olmo. Source: Instagram

Dorita Never Missed Her Son’s Games

Dorita is known to be the mother of a famous football player, Dani, who plays for RB Leipzig Bundesliga

But people don’t know that her husband was also a football player who played for a local team, and another son was a football player playing in a Croatian club

Hence, she automatically has a great love for the sport, especially for her sons' matches. 

She is frequently seen posting pictures of her in the matches supporting both of her sons. 

She has always responded positively regarding her son’s football career and looks at her excitement while supporting her children. 

She is more than proud and happy for her children. Her children are lucky to have a supportive mother like Dorita.

Dorita Is Quite Active In Social Media 

Dorita is a mother of two grown-up children, and she is at the age where she can relax and enjoy her life.

She is indeed enjoying every moment of it. But with all her enjoyment, she is also quite active on social media as she shares a lot of posts on Instagram sharing her life and the people around her. 

She is too attached to her family, so she is seen posting many pictures with her sons and family. 

Moreover, she is a great pet lover, especially a dog. She is hence frequently seen sharing dog photos all over her feed.

Being addicted to her son’s games, she shares her photo in the stadium, supporting them as a fan woman. 

She never misses updating her days and life on social media.

Dorita’s Son Dani’s Injury Was Not An Issue

Dani has been one of the most consistent players in the Bundesliga for RB Leipzig

But in 2021, the attacker suffered a tear in his thigh, which kept him out for weeks. 

His absence was a significant disadvantage for his club and his national team.

But according to the club’s manager, he said that his injury was not such bad news for the club. 

He revealed that the club needed Dani for important matches, but they were getting in form without him. 

Moreover, the coach also said that the international break for the national league would help Dani recover, and he will be fine until the next game. 

But for the national team, his absence was still a tricky part of solving.

Dani Was Not Happy With His Team

Dani is part of Spain's national team playing in the World Cup 2022. 

They played a great match against Costa Rica, scoring seven goals against the team, but in their second game against Germany, his team played a draw match. 

After the match, Dani reported that he was unhappy with the game as his goal was to win. 

He was disappointed with himself and his teammates. He had a great chance to score and shoot brilliantly but ended up with a crossbar shot. 

He revealed that he and his team were doing their best and everything was on their side. 

But they lost control for a second, and the opposing team scored. He said that, in a regular match, his shots reached the goal, but in that match, he and his team made mistakes in ball control. 

He admitted that he has to be calm and focused on the game rather than the pressure. 

He couldn’t forget the tie match but focused more on the coming game against Japan.

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