Miquel Olmo – Meet Father Of Dani Olmo

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Miquel Olmo – Meet Father Of Dani Olmo

Miquel Olmo is the father of Dani Olmo. Dani is a professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or left winger. 

He is currently playing for Bundesliga club RB Leipzig and the Spain national team

Miquel is a former football manager and football player who played as a forward. He played for lower-league teams in his native region. 

Miquel is currently involved in his son Dani's career and acts as an agent or manager. Miquel also works as the sporting director of Niagara Sports. 

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Miquel Olmo with his son Dani Olmo
Miquel Olmo with his son Dani Olmo. Source: Instagram

Who is Miquel married to?

Miquel Olmo has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Dorita Olmo. Dorita originally belonged to the Croatian ethnicity. 

From their marital bliss, they welcomed two children. 

They gave birth to their first child, a son, on April 23, 1996, in Terrassa, Spain, and named him Carlos Olmo Carvajal

After 2 years, they welcomed their second child, also a son, on May 7, 1998, in Terrassa, Spain, and named him Daniel Olmo Carvajal

Miquel Olmo wife and sons Dani Olmo and Carlos Olmo
Miquel Olmo wife and sons Dani Olmo and Carlos Olmo. Source: Instagram

Both their sons choose to follow in Miquel's footsteps and are footballers. Carlos plays as a central midfielder or centre-back. 

He has been playing for CP San Cristobal since October 19, 2023, and his contract with the club will expire on June 30, 2025. 

Miquel Olmo with his sons Dani Olmo and Carlos Olmo
Miquel Olmo with his sons Dani Olmo and Carlos Olmo. Source: Instagram


Miquel Olmo is 58 years old. He was born on January 20, 1966 in Terrassa, Spain

He is his sons' first coach

Miquel is the one who introduced his sons to football and instilled a love for football in them. 

Since he was a football coach, he soon saw the talent his son, Dani, had and started training him along with his brother Carlos

As they lived near Barcelona, he enrolled his son in Barcelona's youth academy when he was just nine years old. 

He was called crazy after his son left Barcelona

Miquel in an interview revealed that people called him crazy after he took a risk of letting his son choose Dinamo Zagreb and leave Barcelona at the age of sixteen. 

He said he took that risky decision because in Dinamo, Dani could play in the main team as a lead player at just the age of 17 but at Barcelona, he had to wait until 22 just to be a lead player. 

He further said he was a coach in the Spanish second division and they massacred him for it saying he was ruining Dani's career. 

He further said that was the most difficult decision of his life as leaving Barcelona was not easy, especially if one was a captain and he also played for the national team. 

There were many giants who were also eyeing Dani like Manchester City and Manchester United but as a father, Miquel did what he thought would be the best for his son's development. 

Miquel revealed that Barcelona refused to accept Dani had left them and Dani had also received a message from Barcelona's coach saying leave out the nonsense Dani, the Monday practice starts at 10 and also other messages such as Where have you gone and What have you done. 

Years have passed, and Miquel thinks that he made the right decision for his son. 

Is Dani moving to Barcelona?

Dani has been playing for RB Leipzig since January 25, 2020, after signing a four-year contract with the club but now he is eager to leave the Bundesliga. 

The contract expires in 2027 but it has a release clause set at 60 million euros. Dani has always been highly regarded by Barcelona.

The rumor of him joining Barcelona and Barcelona wanting to sign him for the 2024-25 season began after the sports director of Barcelona, Deco, was seen having a meeting with Miquel

People assumed the meeting was held to discuss the possibility of signing his son. 

Not only Barcelona but Miquel also met with Manchester City a week before meeting Barcelona

But the meeting was not for Dani's transfer but Barcelona wants to sign Mikayil Faye

Miquel is in charge of Mikayil and he met Deco to discuss his future in the next season. 

His career

He started his senior career in football in 1984 with Terrassa and played for many clubs like Vilafranca, Gavam Premia, Caladell, Jupiter, Rubi, Granollers, Sant Cugat and Poble Sec.

He hung his boot in 1998 while playing with Poble Sec at the age of 32. He started his managerial career in 2001 with Can Perellada

He then managed Montcada from 2003 to 2004, Vilassar de Mar from 2004 to 2005, Fugueres from 2005 to 2006, Castelldefels from 2006 to 2008, Girona in 2009, Terrassa from 2009 to 2012, Sabadell as an assistant manager in 2013 and as a manager from 2013 to 2014 and Manama Club in 2015

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