Who is Eloise Joni Richards? Daughter Of Denise Richards

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Who is Eloise Joni Richards? Daughter Of Denise Richards

Eloise Joni Richards was born on May 24, 2011, in the United States. She is the daughter of Denise Richards

Michelle Richards is the aunt of Eloise. Joni Richards and Irv Richards are the grandparents of Eloise.

Eloise Joni Richards parents Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers
Eloise Joni Richards parents Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers Source: Instagram

Is Eloise An Adoptive Daughter Of Denise Richard?

The answer is yes. Eloise is the adoptive daughter of Denise. She was adopted in June 2011

She was one month old at that time. Her biological mother gave her birth in May and left her for adoption the next month. 

It took Denise two years for the adoption process. 

Eloise was not born with the name Eloise Joni Richard

It was actually given by her non-biological mother, Denise, and Joni in her name in remembrance of her mother, Joni, who died because of cancer in 2007.

Eloise Joni Richards with her mother Denise Richards and sisters
Eloise Joni Richards with her mother Denise Richards and sisters Source: Instagram

Parents and Siblings of Eloise

Denise is the mother of Eloise. However, she is not her biological mother. 

There is no information available about her biological mother. 

Denise is an American actress, television personality, and former fashion model

Denise is divorced from actor Charlie Sheen, with whom she got married on June 15, 2002, in the estate of Spin City and divorced on November 30, 2006, after having two kids. 

Moreover, they are on good terms till now for the good parenting of their kids. 

After Charlie, Denise dated Aaron Phypers in December 2017. They took their wedding vows on September 8, 2018

Sam J. Sheen and Lola Rose Sheen are two loving siblings of Eloise, with Denise’s first husband, Charlie

Sam was born on March 9, 2004, and Lola was born on June 1, 2005

These three sister shares a strong bond together. 

Family Of Eloise Joni Richards
Family Of Eloise Joni Richards Source: Instagram

Denise got into a Fight with a Journalist 

Denise Richards filmed a video of her and a journalist where she goes and confronts her. 

She was mad while making that video because one of the journalists wrote unnecessary things about her and her family.

Everything written about her, her mom, and her children was fake, and she was not okay with it. 

She went straight to the journalist as she wanted to have a conversation with that journalist face to face. 

She wanted to ensure that no other journalist could ever again try to violate her family and children. 

She met the interviewer and asked her who gave such false information about her family. 

In the beginning, she emotionally broke down as she started talking about her late mom. 

She said that she did the show RHOBH because her mom wanted her to do that show. 

The journalist was very rude as she told her it was her mom's last wish, and Denise did that show because her mom told her to do it before dying. 

Denise said that the journalist doesn’t care about people's feelings. All they care about is some spicy, made-up news. 

The journalist has written that Denise tipped off the paparazzi after she was caught kissing. 

Denise said she had never tipped any paparazzi and would never do such things. 

The journalist talking to Denise said that she did that confidently. After seeing her confidence, Denise asked her how can she be so confident about it because she had never met or talked with her in real life. 

Not only that, the Journalist printed much fake information about her kids, which heated her. 

Denise agreed that she had opened up about the stuff with her ex-husband, but she had never confessed to a tabloid.

Denise was trying to talk with the journalist, but she was saying that the printed stories were true, as if they were her story. 

It made Denise angry, and she left the place, cursing her.

Denise Is On OnlyFans

Denise gave an interview to SiriusXM where she talked about her joining OnlyFans

The OnlyFans is a social media platform where people share their content, but mostly it’s used for porn stuff. 

The interviewer told Denise that he was shocked when he saw Denise’s daughter on that OnlyFans app. 

Denise replied that she was also shocked to learn about her daughter’s account in that app because her daughter Sami was 18 years old, and as she was a legal adult, she didn’t need permission from anyone. 

Denise didn’t know what that app was actually about because she had never been on it, but her daughter mentioned it to her and assured her that she wouldn’t do anything bad stuff on it.

Sami told Denise that she would just do bikini stuff, so Denise agreed. However, Denise’s daughter was backlashed by the people for joining that account, which Denise felt was unfair.

Denise herself is from the acting industry, and throughout her career, she has done many sexy photo shoots most people post bikini photos on Instagram and Facebook so she felt that it was really unfair for her daughter to be judged by that thing.

Denise also created her account in OnlyFans so that she could show support to her daughter. 

Many people still think that OnlyFans is for porn, but nowadays it’s much more different. 

People post what they want to, so Denise finds nothing big issue about it. 

She said that she doesn’t subscribe to anyone, so she has no idea about who is on it and how many followers she has. 

She also posts bikini photos showing her boobs and ass on it and is comfortable about it. 

She claimed that people could make hundreds of thousands of money just in a month through that platform. 

The only reason she is on the app is to be a supportive mother to her daughter. 


The age of Eloise is nine years. The information regarding her height and weight is unknown. 

However, she has a beautiful smile. As her family is American, her nationality is American.

Net Worth 

Eloise is just a nine-year-old girl. She doesn’t have a net worth. 

She depends on her mother’s income for living, and her mother is fulfilling her basic and other needs. 

An American actress, Denise has earned enough net worth to give her kids a luxurious life. 

She has a net worth of $12 million. The source of income for Denise is acting, modeling, and social media. 

About Her Disorder

Denise opens up about her daughter’s health after two years of her adoption. 

Eloise was born with a rare genetic condition. She suffered from a chromosomal disorder. 

It causes slow development. It is a syndrome characterized by malfunctions in anybody’s system. 

Denise said that Eloise took a long time to sit up on her own. She needed special care compared to other kids. 

She had a problem with speaking too. She cannot talk like a normal child. She just says a handful of words. 

After a lot of therapy and treatment, she got better at everything, but slowly. 

She said 'Dad' for the first time to Aaron just one month before her birthday. 

For Aaron and Denise, it was the best gift they ever received. 

Raising their daughter was the toughest thing they had to face, but they are also happy about her improvement.

Eloise Joni Richards with her father Aaron Phypers
Eloise Joni Richards with her father Aaron Phypers Source: Instagram

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