Who Is Sam Sheen? Daughter Of Denise Richards

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Who Is Sam Sheen? Daughter Of Denise Richards

Sam Sheen is the daughter of a famous American actress, Former model and TV personality Denise Richards

Her father name is Charlie Sheen, an actor. She has two siblings named Lola Sheen and Eloise Joni Richards

She is an American citizen.

Sam Sheen's parents' Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen
Sam Sheen's parents' Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Denise 

Denise is married to a medical expert Aaron Phypers

They were in a relationship for quite a long time and got married in 2018

It is because of Aaron because he was married at that time.

He filed for a divorce against his ex-wife in 2015, but it all got finalized in 2018 only. Aaron and Denise first met at Aaron's clinic. 

Sam Sheen with her stepdad sisters and mother
Sam Sheen with her stepdad sisters and mother Source: Instagram

Sam Has A Great Stepdad

Denise got divorced from her ex-husband Charlie Sheen in 2006

They have faced some legal issues for the custody of their daughters, but later all the things got along well. 

Aaron, out of dignity and respect, informed Charlie about his and Denise's marriage because he was about to be the stepdad of Charlie's daughters. 

Both of them hence have a great relationship, and Charlie himself said that Aaron was a great stepfather for his children.

Sam Sheen with her father Charlie Sheen
Sam Sheen with her father Charlie Sheen Source: Just Jared


Sam's birthday is on 9 March, and she is 18 years now.

Net Worth

The net worth of Denise is $12 Million. Her main source of income is a acting and being a TV personality.

Sam Faced An Accident

Sam was in the backseat of her mother Denise's car Mercedes ML 450, in 2007

Suddenly a Bentley car hit their car sideways which bent the shape of Denise's door. 

Fortunately, none of the people were hurt. She then stopped the car and called the authority. 

Until the authority arrived, she gave Sam some cupcakes to calm her down, and a truck driver stayed on the scene to help her. 

For the child’s safety, after the authority arrived, she was taken into her house immediately.

Sam Sheen flaunting in her dress
Sam Sheen flaunting in her dress Source: Instagram

Denise Cleared The Rumors About Having Threesome

Denise was traveling to Rome for her work when she heard the rumors that she had a threesome with Brandi Granville

But she revealed in an interview with SiriusXM that it was all a false rumor. 

She said that Brandi did stay over at her house but in a separate room. 

In addition, Brandi just wanted to have a podcast session with Denise

Brandi had a crush on Denise's child's best friend Patrick and asked her if she could bring him to the podcast too. 

Except that there were no connections between them and they had no physical time together.

Denise Is A Strict Mother

Denise asked her daughter about what she would say if a boy asks her to go dancing in homecoming. 

She replied that she would say yes. 

Denise then denied her to say yes and said that she was not allowed to date any guy until she turns 16

Moreover, Denise had a strict parent on her time. Her parents were Irv Richards and Joni Richards

She also doesn't want her daughter to do anything wrong. 

But Sam, on the other hand, wants to go with a guy, and hence she even asked her father about it. 

Charlie said she can date a guy if he was nice to her.

Aaron Is A Great Husband

It had not been a long time since Aaron and Denise got married and moved to a new house just in front of the sea. 

Denise felt like a new start to a new life. 

She expressed that she was happy with Aaron, and he was her dream boy, and they were meant to be together. 

She said that her ex-husband used to act so angrily in even a small matter, but for Aaron, she said he is a perfect guy.


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