Elvis Eduardo Cordero

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Elvis Eduardo Cordero

Elvis Eduardo Cordero is the son of an American television personality, dancer, and fitness instructor Amanda Kloots and the late Nick Cordero, actor and singer.

His Family

His father's name is late Nick Cordero, born on September 17, 1978. He was a Canadian actor and singer.

His mother's name is Amanda Kloots, born on March 19, 1982. She is an American Television personality, dancer, and fitness instructor.

He is the only child of his parents.

Elvis mom (Amanda Kloots) and dad (Nick Cordero)
Elvis mom (Amanda Kloots) and dad (Nick Cordero)  Source: Instagram 

About Mother 

Amanda is the second youngest child among five children of her parents, Freddie Kloots and Maureen Kloots. Amanda's brother Todd Kloots and sister Anna Kloots are always showering Elvis with love.

His mother Amanda attended GlenOak High School in Plain Township, Stark Country, Ohio.

She has performed several musicals on Broadway, including Follies, Good Vibrations, and others more.

She was a former member of the dance company The Rockettes.

Elvis Eduardo Cordero with his mother
Elvis Eduardo Cordero with his mother Source: Instagram 

She launched her digital fitness brand in 2020, which also includes her exercise videos. 

The videos also show how flexible she is and how she maintains her body with proper exercises.

She got married to actor David Larsen for the first time. The couple met during their first Boardway show, Good Vibrations.

They didn't welcome any children in their marriage and got divorced after seven years

Amanda explained that the divorce was unexpected for her. She said everything was falling apart in her life after divorce. 

Her career was also not going well. She was afraid that she would be jobless, without a husband, and without any plans. 

Elvis Eduardo Cordero celebrating his second birthday with his family
Elvis Eduardo Cordero celebrating his second birthday with his family   Source: Instagram  

Parents Marriage

After divorcing her first husband, David, she married actor Nick Cordero back in 2017.

The couple met while working on Bullets Over Broadway. The couple was together until the death of Nick.

Elvis and her late father, Nick Cordero
Elvis and her late father, Nick Cordero  Source: Instagram 

Loss Father in Young Age

His father died on July 5, 2020, due to Covid-19. He fought for over three months but couldn't survive.

At the time of his death, he was forty-one years old. 

Amanda expressed how she missed him and was sad that he could not spend much time with his son.

In her Instagram live, she tearfully performed the final musical tribute to her late husband, Nick.

She also says that Nick's dream of becoming a rock star came true.

She also encouraged people to post videos of themselves singing along to Nick's song Your life.

After her husband's death because of Covid-19 complications. She said a lot of people had told her that when time passes, it will be easier.

But she said that she hasn't found that yet, and she still cries every day.

Excited while talking about character 

Elvis's father, Nick, gave an interview to BUILD Series where he talked about his Broadway "A Bronx Tale." He started the interview by giving a brief explanation about his role in the Bronx Tale. 

His role Sonny is all about the person who took the responsibility of a child who belongs to the 1960s, and he was raised in the Bronx and taught to be a good man but later saw Sonny taking the life of someone but again took the support of Sonny in front of police which created a bond between them Sonny became the guide of his life and Sonny guided him to be in the wrong way, and the board way is all about the child. 

He also read about Machiavelli in detail because it was in his script, and he learned many more things from that. He is grateful that many great people came to watch his Broadway. 

His role Sonny is a gangster person, so people watching the show thought that he might be ruthless, but he actually had some soft corner in his heart and also surrendered himself for the sake of his feelings. 

His role, Sonny, is so great, and it is so fun to play it and its mysterious, which made it more interesting for him to do that. 

Nick is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, and he started to perform in the theatre when he was too young as at that time there was his teacher who invited students for theater performance and he utilized that and there he got chance to sing and do many things that he likes. 

His character on Broadway doesn’t show him dancing, so the host was eager to know if he could dance or not, for which he replied that he does know to dance and loves to do it.

To know more, do check the full interview

Net Worth 

He is only two year old, while her mother income and  net worth are structured below:

 Elvis Eduardo CorderoAmanda Kloots  (mother)
Net worth Unknown $30 million 
Income Unknown American Television personality, dancer, and fitness instructor

Age, Height and, Weight 

  1. He was born in June 2019.
  2. He celebrated his second birthday this year.
  3. His father died five days earlier from his 1st birthday.
  4. His weight was 7lbs 15oz, and his height was 21 inches when he was born.

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