Todd Kloots

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Todd Kloots

Todd Kloots is the brother of Amanda Kloots, a fitness instructor, dancer, and Television personality.

His parents are Maureen Kloots and Freddie Kloots. He has four siblings, and all of them are sisters. 

The names of his two sisters are Anna Kloots and Amanda Kloots, and the rest of them are unknown. 

The bonding between siblings is so strong. Anna is an author and lives in Paris, France, now. 

Todd Kloots with his four beautiful sisters 
Todd Kloots with his four beautiful sisters   Source: Instagram

Married and Children

He is a married man, and he and his wife have two children together. His beautiful wife's name is Diana Liu.

She is a business designer. His sons' names are Hudson, who is ten years old, and another name is Oliver.

The couple is together for several years and having a good time with their children.

Family of Todd Kloots
Family of Todd Kloots  Source: Instagram

About Sister Amanda

Amanda was born on March 19, 1982, in Canton, Ohio, USA. She is the second youngest child of her parents.

She went to Glen Oak High School in Plain Township in Ohio

She married two times in her life to date. She separated from her first husband, David Larsen, after six years of marriage. 

Her musical Bullets Over Broadway, which expected her stability for up to five years, got canceled in the same year as her marriage fell apart.  

The show only went on for three months. She wrote she felt completely hopeless because everything was about to be right, but instead, she was left without a husband and a job.

After the major midlife crisis, she started her career as a fitness trainer.

Sister Marriage

Amanda met her second husband, Nick Cordero, in 2014 while working on Bullets Over Broadway

He was a Canadian actor and singer born on September 17, 1978. He was nominated for a Tony Award in his role in the Musical. 

She was still married to her first husband when she met Nick, but after her separation, the couple hit it off and started dating. 

The friendship turned into a relationship between husband and wife. 

They got engaged in Hudson, New York, and decided to have the wedding in NYC. The marriage ceremony was held in Skylark, 30 floors above Manhattan

Skylark is a luxury lounge cocktail restaurant. The couple wanted a beautiful nightlife wedding and found a perfect place in the middle of the skyscrapers. 

There were around 70 guests. The engagement ring was from Stephanie Gottlieb

The bride wanted a flattering dress and showed off her longs and something you would not see on a bride. 

She wore a Lee Grebenau gown, with a sheer leotard-style bodice attached with a beautiful gold metallic skirt.

The groom wore a tailored Boglioli tuxedo. She wore a Mark Zunino romper for the reception, and the couple performed "It Had to Be You" by Harry Connick Jr., which they had especially practiced. 

The couple had a baby son Elvis Eduardo Cordero in 2019.

Todd Kloots with his parents, sisters, and brother-in-law Nick on Amanda's wedding
Todd Kloots with his parents, sisters, and brother-in-law Nick on Amanda's wedding  Source: Instagram

Death of Brother-in-law Nick Cordero 

On March 30, 2020, Nick was rushed to the ER and tested positive for Corona. The actor experienced complications, including lung infections and septic shock.

 In May 2020, he had major lung damage and had holes in his lungs. When everyone told Amanda to give up on her husband, she still had faith that he could make it. 

She wrote to still believe in god and doctors and a miracle that could save him. Unfortunately, he could not fight anymore and died on July 5, 2020

She announced this to her Instagram followers, saying she was heartbroken and could not imagine a life without him.

She wrote that their little son and she would miss everything about him. 

She went to six months of therapy after losing Cordero and is still healing from the trauma.

She wrote to be grateful to her brother Todd, sister Anna and other families to be with her during the difficult time.

She uploaded a 10-minute video of her siblings taking care of baby Elvis. The three are shown to be co-parenting for the little boy.

Amanda Birthday Wish for Brother Todd

She uploaded this adorable picture of her brother Todd and son Elvis on her Instagram

She writes that she is fortunate to have a brother as amazing as him. 

She says he is a very kind and generous person. His little nephew also loves when his uncle is around.

Todd Kloots with his nephew Elvis Eduardo
Todd Kloots with his nephew Elvis Eduardo    Source: Instagram

Net Worth

His information about net worth is unavailable, but his sister's net worth is estimated to be $1million, and her income sources are television, acting, and fitness training. 

Net worth$1million (estimated)
Income sourcesTelevision, acting, and fitness training.

Age, Height and, Weight 

  1. He Celebrates his birthday on November 10 every year.
  2. His information about height and weight is unknown.

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