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Freddie Kloots is the father of American TV personality, dancer, and Fitness instructor Amanda Kloots

He is married to Maureen and has five children with her. 

The names of their children are Amanda, Anna Kloots, Todd Kloots, and the other two daughters' names are missing. Freddie is American by his nationality. 

Family of Freddie Kloots
Family of Freddie Kloots   Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status of Amanda Kloots 

Amanda was married to David Larsen, an actor. They both were married for six years

As they couldn't hold back their married life, they decided to end their relationship. The couple got divorced after six years of their marriage. They had no child together. 

After that, Amanda got into a relationship with Nick Cordero, who was an actor. They met each other while doing a project together and fell in love. 

In 2017 they both got married to each other. They had a son together. 

Amanda and Nick were married for only three years as his husband's death parted them away. 

In 2020 Nick took his last breath and left Amanda and his newborn baby alone.

Amanda with her late husband, Nick
Amanda with her late husband, Nick   Source: Instagram 

About Amanda Kloots

Amanda was born on March 19, 1982. She is the daughter of mother Maureen and father Freddie.  

She has four siblings. At the beginning of her career, she used to take part in theater. 

She used to be a participant in a dance competition. Amanda has earned a lot of success in her life. 

She also launched her brand related to fitness last year in 2020. As of 2021, Amanda is about to participate in the famous show Dancing with Series

Freddie Kloots with his daughter Anna Kloots
Freddie Kloots with his daughter Anna Kloots  Source: Instagram 

Amanda Still Misses His Ex-Husband

Amanda was married to Nick Cordero. They both shared a son and were very happy together. 

But everything changed after Nick Cordero's death. In 2020 Amanda lost his beloved husband, Nick

In 2020 the whole world faced the deadly virus COVID-19. He died on July 5 at the age of 41

That same virus took Amanda's husband's life which destroyed her family. He struggled a lot but couldn't survive. 

Amanda still misses her ex-husband Nick. Her husband was kept in ICU for 13 weeks

Amanda opened up that as soon as she heard the news of Nick's death, she immediately reached at hospital with their son, but they were not allowed to see him touch as COVID is easily transmitted.

It was a heartbreaking moment for her. They had a good relationship before, and because of that, Amanda still remembers him. 

She still shares their memory in her Instagram account till to date.


Freddie's actual age is not available right now; however, his daughter Amanda's current age is 39.

Net Worth 

The net worth of his daughter Amanda  is $1 Million. Her source of income is from TV, dancing, and fitness instructor. 

Amanda Is Dating Again

Amanda had been married two times. She lost her second husband in the pandemic. 

A year after her second husband's death, Amanda decided to move. She has a son, Elvis Eduardo Cordero and raising him alone as a single mom is not easy. 

In a talk show, Amanda opened that she had started dating again. After her husband's death, it became tough for her to manage her life and move on. 

But she managed to do it again.  She is 39 years old, and she had no idea how to do that, but somehow Amanda moved on with her life and started dating again.

Amanda Is Always Positive

Amanda had to go through one of the most challenging times of her life. Her husband's death gave her intolerable pain. 

But Amanda tries to be positive all the time. Her husband's death affected her mentally. 

As she is also a mother of a newborn child, things were hard to manage for her. 

Amanda's positive nature helped her tackle that situation. She managed to get out there just because of her positive mindset.

Amanda said she tries to start her with positive vibes to not stress out about anything the whole day.

Her family is so supportive and giving strength to her in every step of  her life.

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