Who Is Elwin Riley? Father Of Amber Riley

by Manisha Mon Jun 06 2022 Updated On Mon Dec 19 2022
Who Is Elwin Riley? Father Of Amber Riley

Elwin Riley is a celebrity father. His daughter is a singer, songwriter, and actress, Amber Riley

His wife is Tiny Hightower. He has three children: Toiya Riley, Ashley Riley, and Amber. Amber is the youngest one.

Elwin Riley's wife Tiny Hightower and daughter Amber Riley.
Elwin Riley's wife Tiny Hightower and daughter Amber Riley. Source: Pinterest

Is Amber Married?

Amber is not married yet. But she was engaged to Desean Black. They got engaged in 2020

She posted a romantic photo of them, and Amber was ready to be his wife. 

Many fans loved their chemistry as they were seen in one of the episodes of the Netflix show 'Love That For Us.' 

During pandemic, she learned about self-love and mental health. So decided to focus on herself. 

They called off their engagement in 2022. It was an amicable decision to split, as she said in one of the podcasts. 

Amber Riley with her ex-fiance Desean Black.
Amber Riley with her ex-fiance Desean Black. Source: Pinterest


His daughter Amber is 36 years old. 

Net Worth

Amber's net worth is estimated to be $2 million. 

She has managed to earn this fortune from her acting and singing career.

Elwin Riley's daughter Amber Riley.
Elwin Riley's daughter Amber Riley. Source: Instagram

Amber Talked About Moving To London

Amber committed to living for a year in London for the West End stage show Dreamgirls. 

She was born and brought up in LA, and it was hard for her to cope with the weather. 

Also, it was a hard decision as she is a family girl, and her entire family is in LA. 

She got sick when she moved to London. 

But she was happy to be in that place as it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her career, and no way she'd say no to that. 

She did not even think twice and said yes to the show. 

When she went for the audition, she was comfortable and connected much with her character. 

She said that the weather is quite cold in London, and her eyeballs were cold for the first time in her life. 

She was learning to live with the British weather initially.

Amber Faced Some Rejection In The Show Business

In an interview, Amber revealed that she had dealt with rejection. She takes that thing positively. 

If she did not get the role, she used to think that the character was not meant for her, and she kept on going. 

She said she had never cried in an audition but had been disappointed. 

She honestly said she second-guessed herself at some point, saying she needed to figure out some profession. 

Finally, her patience got some results, and she got cast in Glee which was a catapult for her career. 

She was waiting for one big yes, and she got one after facing many rejections.

Amber Talked About How She Is So Confident

Amber said that confidence, self-love and self-esteem are everyday choices. 

According to her, it's a journey that evolves and differs as one age. 

She shared that when she speaks to the younger generation wanting to get into the industry or start, she asks them to be prepared for criticism. 

She shared her own experience of getting into the industry. 

She said that when she got into television, social media was a new thing. 

She was plus size black girl on television as she was immensely criticized. 

She got called for the most horrible, horrific things. She was trolled very hard, but she did learn to have thick skin. 

Someone told her that you are never as bad as they say you are, but you are never as good. 

She keeps this advice close to her heart. 

She was going to be herself and make it here because of her talent.

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