Who is Tiny Hightower? Mother Of Amber Riley

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Who is Tiny Hightower? Mother Of Amber Riley

Tiny Hightower is a celebrity mother. She is the mother of a talented actress, singer, and author, Amber Riley. 

She was married to Elwin Riley many years ago. The couple shares three children, and all three are daughters. 

Their name is Toiya Riley, Ashley Riley, and Amber. All her daughters are brought up in California, Los Angles.

Tiny Hightower's husband Elwin Riley and their daughters.
Tiny Hightower's husband, Elwin Riley, and their daughters. Source: Instagram

Amber Separated From Her Ex-Fiance

Amber is one of Tiny's three daughters. 

She is also known among the huge number of fans as Amber Patrice Riley, Mama A, and The Cast of Glee.

She was born on February 15, 1986, in California, Los Angles, United States. 

She did her schooling at La Mirada High School.

At seventeen, she auditioned for American Idol but unluckily didn't make it. 

But even before that, she was seen on Barney & Friends as a child. She has won Dancing With The Stars in season 17.

Amber was deeply in love with Desean Black. 

The ex-couple even announced their relationship on their social media platform. 

After some time, Desean surprised her with a ring, and they got engaged in 2021

The duo shared the same photo of Amber putting on an engagement ring where both wrote very lovely captions by referring husband and wife to each other.

But unfortunately, this duo got separated in 2022.

They separated because Desean called off their engagement in an amicable way.

She claimed she has moved on from her engagement, and there is nothing bad to say about Desean or the relationship.

Tiny Hightower's daughter Amber Riley.
Tiny Hightower's daughter Amber Riley. Source: Instagram


Her daughter Amber is 36 years old. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Net Worth

Her daughter Amber's net worth is $2 million in 2022.

Tiny Hightower's husband Elwin Riley and their daughters.
Tiny Hightower's husband, Elwin Riley, and their daughters. Source: Pinterest

Amber Learned To Live In A Different Weather

Amber describes herself as the kind of person who likes to do difficult things, and it scares her the most. 

In 2017, she was at a point where she said yes to every opportunity she received. 

Her career turned a point when she had to go to the United Kingdom for her Glee audition. 

She says being a girl brought up in hot weather in Los Angles, California, it was really hard for her to adjust to British weather for the first few days. 

She said even her eyeball was feeling cold in an interview. 

But after staying long for the shoot of Glee, she afterward had learned to adopt that weather.

Amber Dealt With Rejections Many Times

Amber expressed her rejection in many interviews. 

She says she has been bullied for being black or having kinky hair. 

This strong and talented actress has even gotten many rejections during her career. 

Once in a program, when she asked to tell about her rejections, she very bravely said that rejections are protections, and all the places she got rejected were maybe just not for her. There always was some other yes waiting for her. 

She also said that she wants to be a role model for all those black girls who want to come into this industry but are scared about rejection and all those stuff. 

She says if you hard work God will favor you with good things.

Amber Look-Alike To Co-Star Raven Goodwin

Amber and Raven are American actresses who have gotten a lot of fame in the Hollywood industry. 

A lot of people are often confused and have also mixed them up. 

Both of this gorgeous are going to be seen in the physiological thriller film Single Black Female

Amber, in an interview, calls Raven her industry twin and claims that people have mistaken them for one another. 

She says Raven is a really good friend of hers. 

And both of them prank other people sometimes when people make mistakes while recognizing them for being each other.

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