Who Is Toiya Riley? Sister Of Amber Riley

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Who Is Toiya Riley? Sister Of Amber Riley

Toiya Riley is the oldest sister of American actress and singer Amber Riley. 

She was born in Los Angeles, United States. She has two siblings, Amber and Ashley. 

Her parents' names are Tiny Hightower and Elwin Riley. She is an American citizen

Toiya Riley's father and sister, Amber Riley.
Toiya Riley's father and sister, Amber Riley. Source: Instagram

About Toiya's Sister Amber 

Amber is a singer and actress. She is well known for her appearance in the Fox comedy-drama series Glee as Mercedes Jones

She is the youngest daughter of her parents. She grew up with her two older sisters in Los Angeles

Amber is not married yet. As of now, she is also not dating anyone. 

Toiya Riley's sister, Amber Riley.
Toiya Riley's sister, Amber Riley. Source: Instagram

Was Amber Engaged?

Amber was previously in a relationship with Desean Black. The couple got engaged in 2020. 

Amber opened up about her relationship with Desean through her Instagram.

It's unknown when they started dating, but in 2020, Desean proposed to her, and she happily said yes. 

Sadly their engagement didn't last long, as the couple ended their engagement in 2022. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her sister Amber is 36 years old. The net worth of Amber is $2 Million

Saddened By Friend's Demise 

Amber lost her close friend's actress, Naya Rivera, on 2020 July 8.

Naya and Amber worked together in a show named Glee, and she had a perfect relationship with her. 

The late actress and singer went boating in Lake Piru in California, but she went missing. 

A few days later, on July 13, her death news flashed. She had lost her life, saving her four years old son

Amber was affected by her friend's death, so in Jimmy Kimmel's live show, she sang her song "A moment" to tribute to her late friend. 

She also tweeted that she would miss her duet partner and assured Naya's family would have no problem. 

Dealing With Mental Health 

Amber gave an interview to Amenclinic where she talked about mental health issues and her way of dealing with them in her younger day. 

Amber has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and her friends' circle often discusses mental health. 

She opened up that Hollywood has many mental health issues like depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and many over. 

Moreover, most people who are in Hollywood have identity issues. They find it very hard to find their true self. 

Amber has dealt with stress for a long time and has gone through therapy sessions for more than two and a half years. 

When she was young, she used to eat a lot and sleep to overcome her stress. 

She used to sneak in the middle of the night and eat lots of junk food. 

She didn't realize that she had depression and eating became one of her coping methods to keep herself away from her stressed mind. 

Amber Was Rejected In America Idol

Amber is now one of the most consistent and followed singers in the world, but there was a time when she got rejected because of her singing. 

It might be hard to believe, but Amber was once rejected while auditioning for American Idol season 2

She didn’t get through her auditions as the producers didn’t like her singing. But she didn’t stop or lose hope after the rejection. 

Instead, she made the people who rejected her regret their decision to be successful singers. 

She believes that rejection is part of life and that one should never be afraid of rejection.

Amber Is Grateful

Amber has been an icon for many people, and her hits have reached too many ears. 

Hence, she feels great about it. She has reached a great height of success but has not forgotten her roots. 

She remembers everyone who stood alongside her in her journey to become who she is now. 

Hence, she includes people everywhere and thanks them for contributing to Amber’s life. 

She has earned a name and fame for her and is proud of it.

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