Who Is Flavia Christina Kurtz Nascimento? Daughter Of Pele

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Who Is Flavia Christina Kurtz Nascimento? Daughter Of Pele

Flavia Christina Kurtz Nascimento is the daughter of legendary Brazilian player Pele. She has six siblings Sandra Regina Arantes do Nascimento, Edinho, Joshua Nascimento, Celeste Nascimento, Kelly Cristina Nascimento, and Jennifer Nascimento.

Daughter Kely Confirmed, Her Father, Was Hospitalized But Is Not An Emergency 

Flavia's father has been battling cancer for a very long time. 

On 31st November, he was hospitalized, and when the news broke, his fans worldwide worried about his health. 

But her daughter put a statement on her Instagram saying that her dad was indeed hospitalized and receiving the necessary treatment. 

She said she was flying back there as soon as possible, and her other siblings were with him in the hospital. She thanked everyone for their support and concern.

Flávia Christina Kurtz Nascimento with her father, Pele.
Flávia Christina Kurtz Nascimento with her father, Pele. Source: Instagram

Is Pele Married?

He is happily married to Marcia Aoki. She is of Japanese descent. She was linked to him since 1980, but those were rumors only. 

They started their relationship back in 2010 and tied the knot in 2017

The couple doesn't share kids. Pele was married twice before he met Marcia

He was married to Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi in 1966. Their marriage lasted for two decades. 

Infidelity played a massive part in putting an end to their marriage. He has three kids from his first wife. 

He got married to psychologist Assiria Nascimento, a vocalist, in 1994.

Eventually, his second marriage also failed. He has two kids from his second marriage. 

Pele with his wife.
Pele with his wife. Source: Instagram


Her father, Pele, is 82 years old

Net Worth

Her father, Pele's net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

Flávia Christina Kurtz Nascimento's father, Pele.
Flávia Christina Kurtz Nascimento's father, Pele. Source: Instagram

Pele Promised His Dad That He Would Win The World Cup For Him

When he was ten years old, he saw his father crying after Brazil lost against Uruguay on home ground in the World Cup final. 

He asked his father why he was crying and told him that men never cry. 

When he came to know why his father cried, he made a promise to him right at that moment and said he would win the World Cup for him one day. 

He fulfilled his promise when he became the youngest player featured in World Cup in 1958

He made a record for the youngest player to assist and goal twice in the final. Pele was just 17 years old at that time. 

He kept a promise he made to his dad in 1958. 

Why Did Pele Never Move To Europe?

Pele played most of his side for the Brazilian club Santos. He never played for a European club. 

After winning the 1958 World Cup, he became a football sensation overnight. 

The European giants also eyed the young Pele. Clubs like Manchester City, Juventus, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan were fighting to sign him. 

But the Brazilian President planned to prevent this by declaring him National Treasure. 

The President did so to prevent him from going abroad. Buying Pele would be a crime for the foreign club. 

Pele Never Liked His Nickname

Pele's real name is Edson Arentes do Nascimento. He is known to the world by his nickname. 

He said that he was born in a small town. He was born on a day when lights came in, and his father named him after Thomas Elva Edison, who invented light. 

He was proud to have that name. In Portuguese, when someone kicks a football barefoot, they are called Pe

Pele said that he got his nickname because he made several mistakes. 

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