Flor Bracamontes – Meet Girlfriend Of Ralf Rangnick

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Flor Bracamontes – Meet Girlfriend Of Ralf Rangnick

Flor Bracamontes is the stunning girlfriend of German football coach and former player Ralf Rangnick, who is currently the head coach of the Austria national team

Rangnick is the former Schalke, Hoffenheim, VfB Stuttgart boss, and Manchester United boss. 

According to the sources, Flor is from Mexico

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How long has she been dating Rangnick?

It's not known exactly how the pair first met, but they have been together for more than a couple of years. 

Flor was spotted at Old Trafford back in December 2021 to watch a match between Manchester United and Arsenal

Rangnick was behind her in the stands. 

The Sun reported they had been a couple for over a year but rarely appeared in public and also that Rangnick knew that all eyes would be upon him, so he sat behind her but was head-over-heels about Flor and wanted her to share in the excitement of his new club.

Rangnick was previously married to his high school sweetheart

Rangnick was previously married to his high school sweetheart, Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick. Rangnick was 17, and Lamm was 15 when they first met. 

However, the pair decided to part ways after having spent more than four decades together. They kept their separation hidden for a year. 

Rangnick insisted that his divorce was amicable. He said each of them deserved a chance of a new life and a new partner. 

When the pair got separated, Rangnick was at RB Leipzig but were in touch regularly. They also bought a house in Mallorca for their family at the end of 2017.

Flor Bracamontes boyfriend Ralf Rangnick with his ex-wife Gabrielle Lamm
Flor Bracamontes boyfriend Ralf Rangnick with his ex-wife Gabrielle Lamm. Source: Pinterest

Rangnick is the father of two 

Rangnick is the father of two grown-up sons, David Rangnick and Kevin Rangnick

David played as a midfielder for the Austrian Regional League, Salzburg, AK, in the 2016-17 season before hanging up his boots in 2017

David, in an interview, said he realized quickly that he did not have the necessary talent to go professional, which he thinks is not bad at all. 

He also said that he never saw his last name or his famous father as a burden, explaining that it’s never been the case in his life or has had excessive expectations placed on him but has always and everywhere been recognized as an independent person, not as a son of Ralf Rangnick

David later started studying medicine in a private University aiming to work as a doctor.

Similarly, his other son, Kevin, 30, played for clubs like SG Sonnenholf11 and Backnang while in Germany.

Rangnick is the Godfather of German coaching 

Rangnick is regarded as the Godfather of German coaching. 

He is the pioneer of Gegenpressing, where the team attempts to win back possession within eight seconds of losing it, and most goals are scored within 10 seconds of regaining possession. 

The Gegenpressing technique later became an inspiration for top managers like Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel, and Bayern Munich supremo Julian Nagelsman.

Rangnick's upbringing was not an easy one

Rangnick's upbringing was not an easy one. He comes from a refugee family. According to him, his parents met in Saxony around 1945/46

His mother had just arrived from Breslau, and his father from Konigsberg before the cities were destroyed by the Allies. 

He had to play a mature role from a very young age. He had to take on responsibilities early on because of his mother's illness. 

His father would go to work early in the morning, asking him to take good care of his mother. 

Eventually, he started funding his studies, and by the age of 18, he no longer burdened his parents financially.

Net Worth 

Flor's net worth is currently under review. Her boyfriend, Ralf Rangnick, has a net worth of $20 million.


Her boyfriend is 65 years old.

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