Who Is Grant Savoy? Husband Of Mickey Guyton

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Who Is Grant Savoy? Husband Of Mickey Guyton

Grant Savoy is the husband of famous country singer Mickey Guyton. He is a lawyer by profession. 

He works in an attorney form in Los Angeles. He is from Hawaii. He is also the co-founder of Solouki.

Grant Savoy with his wife Mickey Guyton and son Grayson
Grant Savoy with his wife Mickey Guyton and son Grayson Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Grant and Mickey started dating in 2010, and they tied the knot after seven years of togetherness. 

They met through Mickey's step-sister, who was Savoy’s best friend. 

They were engaged for four years before they got married. They had a wedding in Kauai, Hawaii. 

Their wedding ceremony was very intimate with their families and loved ones. 

The couple welcomed their first child in 2021, Grayson. Savoy is her wife’s biggest supporter and is also her biggest fan. 

They are very happily married and have a small beautiful family.

Grant Savoy with his wife Mickey Guyton
Grant Savoy with his wife Mickey Guyton Source: Instagram


His wife Mickey is 37 years old. She was born to parents Michael Eugene Guyton and Phyllis Ann Roddy.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million. All her income is from her singing career.

Grant Savoy with his son Grayson
Grant Savoy with his son Grayson Source: Instagram

Mickey Talks About Her Singing Experience With Prince

Mickey got a chance to hang out and party with the legend, Prince. She went to his house after clubbing. 

They walked together. She had a clear memory of what he was wearing. 

They went to the purple elevator, and she did not know whether she went up and down, but they entered a huge ballroom. 

She was surprised to see a ballroom in the house. She got the honor to sing 'Natural Woman' with Prince

He was playing piano, and they sang together. She still can’t believe that she sang with the Prince.

Mickey’s Son Grayson Was Sent To ICU

Mickey revealed that her 9-month-old son faced sudden health issues and was sent to the hospital.

His problem was undiagnosed at first. She tweeted about her son's condition and asked her fans to pray for her son.  

She shared a black-white photo of her husband holding her son in a hospital. 

A few days later, her son's problem was diagnosed, and he was recovering well. 

Later she explained that her son suffered from dehydration and lost weight by not being able to retain liquid. 

After the diagnosis, Grayson's vital signs are stable and improving. 

She thanked the team of doctors who stood by her son and saved his life and asked her fans to send a prayer to her son. 

Now, Grayson is a healthy child, and Mickey keeps her followers updated by posting cute pictures of her son.

Mickey Hosted The Ellen Show

Mickey is a huge fan of the Ellen show

She filled in as a guest host for the first time after being a huge fan of the show for a very long time. 

She thanked Ellen for making her dream come true. 

She was freaking out as she could not believe she was on the show. 

She talked about her son Grayson and was happy that she got three Grammy nominations.

Also, she was happy to share the experience of singing the national anthem for the super bowl game.

It meant the world to her to be on that stage, and she appreciated Ellen for her work. 

She ended the show with a quote from her hero Maya Angelou.

Grant Savoy's wife Mickey Guyton
Grant Savoy's wife Mickey Guyton Source: Instagram

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