Phyllis Ann Roddy

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Phyllis Ann Roddy

Phyllis Ann Roody is the mother of the famous American country music artist Mickey Guyton

Married to an Engineer

Phyllis was married to a man named Michael Eugene Guyton. He was an engineer. 

They have a total of four children. Their family used to move a lot because of Michael's job as an engineer. Their family has faced racial discrimination in most places. 

Mickey Guyton is the most famous child of them all. Mickey's birth name is Candace Mycale Guyton

Phyllis Ann Roody with her husband Michael Eugene Guyton on their wedding day 
Phyllis Ann Roody with her husband Michael Eugene Guyton on their wedding day   Source: Twitter

Career of Daughter

Mickey started singing at an early age. She used to sing at Church choirs. 

She started singing at the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Arlington. In 2011 she moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her career in music professionally. 

She has recorded plenty of songs. However, she got her fame through her solo hit song Better Than You Left Me. This song has over 7 million views on YouTube

The Academy of Country Music nominated her song Black Like Me for the new Female Vocalist of the Year Award.

She has released many solo songs like Heartbreak Song, Hold On, Sister, What Are You Gonna Tell Her, Heaven Down Here, and many more. 

She has been perceived as the most important of the decade. She also became one of the first black female artists to perform at the Academy of Music Awards

Phyllis Ann Roddy daughter Mickey Guyton
Phyllis Ann Roddy daughter Mickey Guyton  Source: Instagram

Mickey Makes History

Mickey made history at the 63rd Grammy's Award as the first female solo artist to earn a Grammy nomination in a Country Music Category. 

She had also made a surprise appearance at the Annual Country Radio Seminar

She performed her solo song called What Are You Gonna Tell Her. She dedicated that song to her audience, making them aware of gender disparity and how the radio industry marginalizes women, artists of color, and people from the LGBTQ community. 

Her music has received lots of praise for speaking about social issues and ongoing racism in the world. 

She addresses several prejudices and discrimination that are occurring in every part of the world. She has able to grasp the attention of the audience through her bold lyrics in her music. 

Relationship and Marriage of Daughter

Mickey Guyton announced her engagement with her long-time boyfriend named Grant Savoy, in November 2016

He was a practicing lawyer at that time. He graduated from Southwestern School, where he was the topper of his class. 

They got married in June 2017 in Kauai, Hawaii. They only invited their few close friends and relatives. 

There was a total of twenty-three friends at her wedding. Before marrying, the couples dated for seven whole years. 

Phyllis Ann Roddy daughter Mickey Guyton and son-in-law Grant Savoy 
Phyllis Ann Roddy daughter Mickey Guyton and son-in-law Grant Savoy  Source: Instagram

They have a child together. The child was born in February 2021. The child is a boy, and the name of their son is Grayson.

Phyllis Ann Roody grandson Grayson
Phyllis Ann Roody grandson Grayson   Source: Instagram

They do not post a lot about their relationships and personal life on social media. 

Also, Mickey's husband has a private Instagram account. He has a Twitter account too, but he only posts about his wife's accomplishments and success. 

Net Worth

The education, profession, and career of Phyllis Ann Roody have not been revealed. 

The net worth of Phyllis has not been revealed because she is a normal citizen. However, her famous daughter's net worth is structured below:

Estimated Net WorthSources
$1 million- $5millionSinger, music producer

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. The height, age, and weight of Phyllis have not been disclosed.
  2. She is close with her daughter.
  3. Her ethnicity is black.
  4. She is of American by nationality.

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