Who Is Grayson? Son Of Mickey Guyton

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Who Is Grayson? Son Of Mickey Guyton

Grayson is the son of American Country music artist Micky Guyton

His father name is Grant SavoyGrayson is the single child of his parents. 

He is an American

Grayson with his parents Micky Guyton and Grant Savoy
Grayson with his parents Micky Guyton and Grant Savoy Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Mickey got married to Grant Savoy. Grant is professionally a lawyer and co-founder at Solouki.

They got married in June of 2017 after dating for 7 years

Starting from 2010, they stayed together and got engaged in November of 2016

The couple took their wedding vows in Kauai, Hawaii, in front of their family and twenty-three friends. 

After four years of marriage, they gave birth to their only child Grayson.

Grayson's parents Micky Guyton and Grant Savoy
Grayson's parents Micky Guyton and Grant Savoy Source: Instagram

Mother's Past Relationship

Mickey did write a song for her last ex-boyfriend. She first stood for herself and left the relationship for good. 

That was when she felt free and wrote the song Better Than You Left Me. She felt empowered by the song. 

Her ex-boyfriend was running around her for years. After that, he started acting arrogantly towards Mickey

She didn’t like it, and hence she wrote an answer in a song dedicated to her ex-boyfriend and the name of the song is Heartbreak Song.

Grayson's mom Micky Guyton performing on stage
Grayson's mom Micky Guyton performing on stage Source: Instagram


Grayson birthday is on 8 February and is 1 year old. He was born on 8 February 2021. His mother Mickey was born to Michael Eugene Guyton and Phyllis Ann Roddy

Net Worth

The net worth of Mickey is $3 Million

Her main source of income is singing and songwriting. 

Hospitalized in 9 months 

Mickey’s son got hospitalized in November of 2021

He was taken into the Intensive Care Unit after his condition was not in the verse of improving. 

He had been suffering from a stomach problem since 11 November 2021. 

After the improvement was not seen, he was admitted to the hospital.

He was having a stomach bug and was dehydrated. 

Mickey expressed how she was terrified of seeing her son’s condition. 

She did updated to her fans and well wishers about her son's better health condition.

Mickey's Grammy Nomination And First Baby In The Same Year

Mickey had a great year, according to her, as she was nominated for Grammy awards for the first time, and she had her first baby boy in the same year of 2021

She delivered her baby just 30 days before she attended Grammy awards

She said that she was thinking about both of her special moments in the lockdown period, but after she gave birth, all of her focus was on her son. 

She then revealed that she made it possible by never quitting no matter what. 

She stuck to her dream every day, and she was hence able to be nominated for the prestigious award. 

Mickey Doesn’t Call Herself An Activist

Mickey has been standing up for the women and marginalized communities in country music for quite a while. 

Being a woman and especially of the black race, she knows what discrimination is, and she had faced it in her journey in country music. 

She has been supporting black and white women in the field of country music, but she denies that she is an Activist

According to her, there are many people who are working from ground zero and doing better things than her.

Went Into Early Labor

Mickey was called by Morgan Wallen in one of the interviews. 

There she talked about racism and about getting a lot of online hate comments. 

She was attacked by hatred when she was in her pregnancy period.

Due to all that hate, she was having a lot of stress. She was having a hard time. 

Due to the same stress, she became the victim of early labor. 

But with the help of her loved ones and by their support, she didn’t lose hope and carried on what she stood for.

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