Hamadi Konate – Meet Father Of Ibrahima Konate

by Pragya Wed May 29 2024 Updated On Wed May 29 2024
Hamadi Konate – Meet Father Of Ibrahima Konate

Hamadi Konate is the father of French professional footballer Ibrahima Konate. He is married to his wife, Yara Konate. His wife is a housekeeper. 

Hamadi and his wife belonged to African origins from West Africa in Mali. They are immigrants from Mali who settled in Paris for a better future.

The couple shares eight children together. Their second youngest child, Ibrahima, is a footballer. 

Hamadi follows the Muslim religion. 

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Hamadi wants his son to work hard

Ibrahima, during an interview, revealed that his parents don't care and that it's his brother who takes care of what happens around him in football. 

He also said that his parents don't know how much he earns as they are really remote. 

But they do watch every match of their son and after the game call him and ask him how he is doing. 

Hamadi always reminds his son to work well and not to worry about people, whereas his wife, Yara, is very protective of their son and asks him if he has any injuries.

Hamadi Konate sons
Hamadi Konate sons. Source: Instagram

The Konate family's relationship is built on trust and support rather than finance

Hamadi and his wife did a great job raising their children, as the brothers trust and support each other. 

In an interview, Ibrahima said his brothers want him well and are the only people he can trust, and they are honest people. 

Ibrahima made his brothers his agents and managers who represented him. 

He said each one of his brothers has different visions and brings their point of view on certain subjects, and he considers all of those to make the decision in the end. 

Young Ibrahima Konate
Young Ibrahima Konate. Source: Facebook

About Hamadi's son Ibrahima 

Ibrahima is a professional footballer. He currently plays for Premier League club Liverpool as a defender. Also he is in the French National team

He was born to his parents in the year 1999. He is a French citizen by nationality. 

Age and Net Worth 

There is not much information about Hamadi. But his son, Ibrahima, is 25 years old. He has a net worth of 4 Million Euros. His source of income is football.

Ibrahima was speechless? 

Ibrahima moved to Liverpool FC back in 2021, and since then, he has been playing for the team as a defensive player. 

In one of the interviews, he talked about his Liverpool move. 

When Ibrahima heard of Liverpool buying him, he couldn’t believe the news until the club itself informed him. 

He was completely speechless but was very happy and excited at the same time. The only word that came from his mouth after getting that big news was ‘Ohh.’ 

It was unexpected for him, but he couldn’t speak more as he had an important match to play with Leipzig

He also called his parents to share the news, but shockingly, his parents already knew about him going to Liverpool, and they were extremely happy for him. 

Ibrahima has no difficulties facing tough players? 

Ibrahima started playing in the Premier League after he joined Liverpool, and throughout these years, he has played many matches. 

As a defender, Ibrahima was asked about the toughest player that he faced to defend against in the Premier League in one of the interviews. 

However, Ibrahima didn’t name any of the players. 

He said that he has no names in his mind and that he had no difficulties defending till now and also hopes not to have any problems in the upcoming days. 

He had even played and defended against Cristian Ronaldo, but he didn’t say that he had a hard time playing defense against him. 

He just said that he was focused more and did his best. 

Hamadi’s wife gave their son a unique nickname 

Ibrahima is known by the name Ibou

Everyone wanted to know why he was called Ibou, so in an interview, he opened up that Ibou is the name given to him by his mother. 

She has been calling him Ibou since he was young and his other family members also call him with the same name. 

But when he joined RB Leipzig, his mom came with him on his first day, and his mom just called him Ibou every time. 

The coach of Leipzig curiously asked him why his mom was calling him Ibou, and that’s when Ibrahima told him that his nickname is Ibou and everyone in his family calls him by that name. 

The coach also decided to go with calling him Ibou, and that’s how everyone started calling him Ibou.

Ibrahima can easily adapt? 

Ibrahima moved to German club RB Leipzig back in 2017. Prior to moving to that club, he played for Sochaux

He came to Leipzig on a free transfer, and as Leipzig was in a completely different country, Ibrahima had to face lots of difficulties to get settled there. 

However, Ibrahima was mentally strong, so he overcame all the challenges that came his way. 

He is from France so speaking German language was one of the biggest obstacles that he faced. 

He was nervous at the beginning but very determined to do anything, and in less time, he adapted to the new lifestyle in a new country.

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