Who Is Ibrahima Konate's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Mon Aug 22 2022 Updated On Wed Sep 21 2022
Who Is Ibrahima Konate's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Ibrahima Konate is a French professional football player. He currently plays for team Liverpool in the position of Centre back. 

He was born in Paris, France

Relationship Status

Ibrahima is not married yet, so he doesn't have a wife or a girlfriend. 

He has always been passionate about football.

Besides football, Ibrahima loves spending time on the beach during his day off with his pet.

Ibrahima Konate with his pet dog.
Ibrahima Konate with his pet dog. Source: Instagram


Ibrahima is 23 years old. His height is 1.94 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ibrahima is 14 million euros

Konate Can Defend Cristiano Ronaldo?

Konate gave an interview after joining the Premier League club Liverpool where he talked about his defending capabilities. 

As he was new to the club and the League, he had no names in his head when asked about the hardest player to defend against. 

But he said that as he will play matches, he hoped to defend everyone easily and have no name in the future as well. 

Saying that he also said that he would have beaten other defenders of the club if they raced with him in 100 meters. 

When asked about Cristiano Ronaldo, he said that Ronaldo is one of the greatest in the history of football. 

If he goes against him, he expressed that he would try his best to defend him. 

He said that Ronaldo was a human, too, so, it is not impossible to defend him if someone tries to.

Konate Is An Anime Fan

Konate is frequently seen posting pictures on Instagram wearing t-shirts having anime characters like Goku. 

When asked about it, he revealed that he is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z. He watched the anime while growing up and still watch it. 

He revealed that his brothers are also very big fans of that anime. 

He expressed that Dragon Ball Z is part of his life, and he thinks that anime is part of his family. 

He opened up that his favorite character in the anime is Goku. 

He even compared roGoku, saying that he is evolving like the powerful stages of Goku, and he also agreed with the comparison between him and the anime character.

Ramos Is Konate’s Role Model

Konate revealed in an interview that Sergio Ramos is his idol whom he looks up to. 

He compared Ramos with Vegeta, who is a powerful character in the anime Dragon Ball Z. 

He expressed that Ramos is the best defender in the entire world, and he is Konate’s  role model as well. 

Konate likes the style of play of Sergio Ramos

He said that Ramos was someone who is constantly focused on his own job and own play, which is a good thing. 

Ramos is someone who doesn’t care about others' success or downfall. He is focused on himself only. 

Konate also said that Ramos is winning every time, and that is what Konate likes about the defender. 

He also wants to win like him and create a name for himself.

Konate Has The Ambition To Become The Best

Konate is undoubtedly one of the top defenders in the Premier League and the world. But for Konate, he still doesn’t think that he is the best in the game. 

In an interview, he was asked about the comparison that the fans make between Van Dijk and him. 

He clearly said that there was no comparison to be made between him and Van

He expressed that Van was one of the best defenders in the world, and he has proven it time and again. 

Konate has not yet reached that level of defending. But he added that he will become the best defender in the entire world someday. 

He said the day is yet to come, but for now, he is not the best defender in the world.

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