Yara Konate – Meet Mother Of Ibrahima Konate

by sabina Sun May 19 2024 Updated On Wed May 29 2024
Yara Konate – Meet Mother Of Ibrahima Konate

Yara Konate is famous as a celebrity mother. She is the mother of Liverpool and the France national team centre-back Ibrahima Konate

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Immigrants from Mali 

Yara and her husband, Hamadi Konate, are immigrants from Mali. They are the parents of eight children, including Ibrahima who is the second-youngest. 

Ibrahima was born on the 25th of May, 1999, in Paris, France.

Ibrahima Konate is the second-youngest child of eight children
Ibrahima Konate is the second-youngest child of eight children. Source: Instagram

Yara and her husband do not care what happens in football. The only concern they have about their son is if he is doing good. 

Their other sons are the one who takes care of all of that. 

In an interview, Ibrahima said his parents are remote so they don't care and know how much he earns. 

They watch his games and ask how he is doing. 

His father always tells him to work well and not to worry about people, and his mother often asks if he doesn't have injuries.


Her son is 24 years old.

Ibrahima says his brothers are the only people he can trust

Ibrahima, in an interview with Goal, explained how his brothers are everything to him and are the ones behind his every decision-making process. 

He said he has realized that with more growth and passing stages in football, people try to be around him with a more personal interest involved in it, but his family wants the best for him and that his brothers are the only people he can trust and have much faith in them because they have been with them since he started kicking football. 

She nicknamed her son Ibou

Ibrahima is nicknamed as Ibou, and the nickname was given by Yara

During an interview, when asked how the name originated, Ibrahima said his mother had a friend whose name was Ibrahim, and she used to call him Ibou, after which his mother also started calling him by the same nickname.

When he was on the first day in Leipzig, his mother was with him and would say every time, Hey, Ibou, Ibou, Ibou and Ralf Rangnick asked, ”Why Ibou”? 

So he said it was his nickname, and everyone started calling him by that name.

Her son revealed what he watches to get determination before every match 

Ibrahima is a prodigy whose potential has been highly praised, and he is an integral part of Liverpool. But what keeps him determined? 

In an interview, he revealed the TV genre he watches to get determination, and it might be shocking to know that he is a fan of anime and watches Manga. 

He said he watches Manga and that his teammates say he is too big to watch that, but that is what inspires him, which his teammates don’t understand. 

He further explained that he put the fight scenes before certain matches to give himself determination. 

For example, the mentality of Vegeta (the character from Dragon Ball Z) working to be the better than the best is something that motivates him. 

It’s a daily inspiration that boosts him up, he said. His favorite characters are Vegeta and Son Goku.

Sergio Ramos is his idol

Ibrahima’s idol is former Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain star Sergio Ramos.

During an interview with UMM, he explained Ramos is like Vegeta, but the only difference between them is that Ramos does not watch other players; he watches for him, and Vegeta always watches Son Goku (the character from Dragon Ball Z) aspiring to be like him. 

He also said he likes Ramos because of how he works hard every time and called him the best defender in the world.

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