Isaiah Tota- Cute Son Of Christina Milian

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Isaiah Tota- Cute Son Of Christina Milian

Isaiah Tota is the son of an American actress, singer, and songwriter Christina Milian.

Lovely Family 

His father's name is Matthieu Tota, a French singer, and songwriter. He was born on September 26, 1985.

His mother's name is Christina Milian. She was born on September 26, 1981.

His parents got married in the year 2020. The couple welcomed two children.

Isaiah's mother and father
Isaiah's mother and father  Source: Instagram 

Isaiah has a big step-sister Violet Madison Nash and a small brother Kenna Tota.

About mother 

Christina was born to father Don Flores and mother Carmen Milian back on September 26, 1981, in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States.

She is of Cuban descent. After her birth, the family moved to Waldorf, Maryland, where she was raised. 

Christina's mother moved to Los Angeles with her two sisters and left her father alone in Maryland.

Christina was thirteen years old, at the time, she moved to Los Angeles with her mother and sisters.

Her father divorced her mother, soon, after they moved to Los Angeles, leaving him.

She adopted her mother's last name, "Milian" hoping of landing a broader range of acting roles.

She is the oldest of three sisters Danielle and Elizabeth.
At the young age of four, Christina showed her interest in show business.

She loved watching television and listening to the radio. 
Her family saw her talent for being an actress. 

Struggling Period Of Mother

Milian didn't know how to get a recording contract. As she always wanted to be in the record business.

Songwriter and producer Rodney Roy Jerkins, also known as "Darkchild," heard about her. They started working together after Jerkins heard her sing.

She started meeting people from the record business. At the age of seventeen, she began writing songs.

Every time she recorded her written song. The producer refused her work. 

In 2000, Milian performed vocals for the song "Between Me and You," which picked number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Christina collaborated with Ja Rule, which led to a record deal with Def Soul Records.

Back on October 9, 2001, her self-titled debut album was released. The album picked twenty-three, and the number of copies was sold.

Her album's first single, "Dip It Low," became a big hit among the song she realized. It had reached number 5 in the US and number 2 in the UK.

Isaiah Tota with her mother
Isaiah Tota with her mother  Source: Instagram

Happiness while talking about family and career

Isaiah’s mother, Christina, gave an interview to “Entertainment Tonight,” where she talked about her newborn baby, husband, and her new movie. 

Christina is currently the mother of four children. She opened up that she never wanted to be a mother when she was a teenager. She didn’t want to have babies and take their responsibilities. 

But now she is happy being a mother of 4 kids. After that, the interviewer asked her about her role in a movie as Erica. She then explained about her part in the movie. 

Her character Erica is a girl who is completely into singing and enjoys it very much. But somehow, Erica’s singing career got destroyed, and she had to move to another place where she had to perform as a singer in a resort, but there she bumped into her ex, which created an awkward situation for her. 

Christina enjoyed doing that movie. She mostly goes alone for her shooting, but she went with her whole family members for that movie, and they enjoyed it a lot.

She felt that she was on a trip with her family member and had a lot of fun. At that time, she was also pregnant with her third baby, but she didn’t tell anyone about that. 

She continued shooting, and her pregnancy created no trouble for her in the shooting. But as time passed, her stomach started appearing, and everyone started noticing it. 

She didn’t speak about her pregnancy to anyone because she didn’t want anyone to give her special attention after knowing she was pregnant. She was also a singer a time back, and the best feeling she as a singer was when people correctly took her name. 

Mother Participated in Dancing with the Stars 

Christina became one of the contestants on "Dancing with the Stars: Season 17" in September 2013.

In Dancing with the Stars, she was partnered with professional dancer Mark Ballas.

The partner got eliminated in the fifth week. They ended in 9th place.

Mother Dated Actor Nick Cannon

In 2003, Christina met actor Nick Cannon on her set "Love Don't Cost a Thing" film.

Soon, they began dating, and they dated almost for two and a half years.

In 2005, the couple ended their relationship as Christina caught him cheating on her.

She was going through Nick's phone and discovered that he was cheating on her. 

She revealed that Nick refused to stay faithful to her. Later Nick married singer Mariah Carey on April 30, 2008

Parents Marriage

In February 2009, according to the information of sources, Christina was dating musician The-Dream.

According to reports, Milian and The-Dream got married on September 4, 2009

The-Dream was a divorcee and had three children from previous relationships.

On February 26, 2010, the couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Violet Madison Nash.

But the couple separated after three months of their wedding. On October 23, 2011, their divorce was finalized.

After divorce, she began dating James Prince. The couple got engaged back in April 2013. After one year, the couple called off their engagement.

Then there were rumors that she was dating rapper Lil Wayne back in July 2014. But the couple split at the end of 2015.

Since August 2017, she started dating a French singer M. Pokora.

On January 20, 2020, the couple welcomed their first child together, son Isaiah Tota.

Isaiah Tota with his father
Isaiah Tota with his father  Source: Instagram

The couple got married back in 2020. They welcomed their second child on April 23, 2021, son Kenna Tota.

Christina with her husband M. Pokora, daughter Violet Madison Nash and son Isaiah Tota
Christina with her husband M. Pokora, daughter Violet Madison Nash and son Isaiah Tota   Source: Instagram

Christina Faced Poverty 

Christina gave an interview on a talk show where she talked about her movie, interest, family and many more. 

Christina is a singer as well as an actress. She is a very talented person, and she is very good at making pastries and porcelain dolls. 

She opened up that she learned to make dolls from her mom, and she loves doing those artistic things. 

Christina also opened up about starting a beignet company with her best friend. 

She then talked about the process of making porcelain dolls and said that she loves cleaning and pouring mold while making dolls. It is detailed handwork, and she enjoys doing that. 

She then talked about her new movie Christmas and opened up about her character. 

Her character in the movie is all about Christmas, and her character meets a handyman who changes her whole life. 

Her mom passed away, and she was sent by her boss to her old house so that she could take a break. 

She went back to her old house, and there she learned about the reason behind her mom loving Christmas. 

She said that her new movie is very interesting and she assured that people would love her movie. 

The movie had a scene between Christina and Mark, and she praised Mark saying that he is a great actor. 

Talking about her that scene with Mark, she said that she loved that scene when she read the script and just by looking at that scene, she felt something intense in her heart. 

Christina then revealed the poverty that she and her family faced after her mom and dad got divorced. 

Before her parent's separation, everything was fine, and she was living a good life with her two sisters, mom and dad. 

But her parents' separation made their financial condition worse. She didn't get any Christmas presents. 

She said that her mom had taught her to give gifts to people on Christmas and the same thing she has also taught her daughter, Violet.

Christina has no regrets in her life? 

Christina Milian gave an interview to GMA where she talked about her childhood, father, being mom and many more. At the starting of interview, she looked at one of her childhood photo and told that she was the type of kid who didn’t know how to keep quite. But she loves looking that photo because she knew what she wanted to do. Christina talked about how the issues that she had because she is brown latino. She told that being brown latino was not easy for her. She had to go through fit in issue but thankfully her parents were very supportive to him. She told that having brown skin and belonging from Afro-cuban ethnicity was really difficult and in USA there are very people of that community. She struggled with fitting in her school and her parents were aware of that so they understood and taught her that she don’t have to fit in all the boxes. They encouraged her and she is proud of her origin. She is also digging in her past to know more. Christina and her dad were very close to each other. She was daddy’s girl. Her dad would come up to her and her sister and talk about many things with them. Her dad was the one who taught her many valuable things in her life. Christina gave one advice to people and that was not to lets any people spoil your shine. Growing up she believed in herself but there were many people who always tried to dim her shine and at one of her life they nearly got successful dimming her shine but got back and continued doing what she loves to do. People told that the type of happiness she was having in her life was not real but she didn’t cared about them. When she looks back at to her past she has zero regrets. She knows the struggles and hard work that she had put on to it so she definitely has no any regrets of anything in her life.

Net Worth  

The net worth Isaiah's mother and Christina is below:

 Isaiah Tota Christina Milian 
Net worth Unknown $4.5 million 
Income Unknown American actress, singer, and a songwriter


  1. He was born on January 20, 2020.
  2. His current age is one.

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